Monitors Acer: selection of the parameters.

Today the stores for users is represented by a large range of monitors companies "Acer".In general, they are very affordable, and the parameters they are pretty good.Note, however, that some models do have their drawbacks, and the buyer should know about them.Average power consumption of devices is around 20 watts.The viewing angle in all models is quite small, and it brings some discomfort.Indicator displays have brightness of about 20 cd per 1 sq.m.

response time response depends on the type of matrix.With the built-in webcam Acer monitors can not be found.However, in the market there are several models of tuners and the columns.By design the monitors above the brand is not much different, and sometimes their LED lights irritates the user.Coverage at the screen, there is usually a mat.It will cost the average model with a display size of 21 inches for the 9 th. Rub.

How to choose a model for the house?

For home is best to select Acer monitors with a diagonal of at least 17 inches.Covering standard should be frosted in the model.For convenient viewing movies welcome aspect ratio of 16: 9.Minimum display resolution should be equal to 1366 x 768 pixels.In addition, should pay attention to the brightness value of the device.On average it is around 200 cd per 1 sq.m. The reaction time of the matrix should be at a level of 5 ms.In turn, the display contrast does not play a big role.

horizontal viewing angle must be at least 90 degrees.In the last design model is inspected and tested basic settings.All buttons should be easy to push.In turn, the lights are not recommended for the house bright.Generally, people prefer blue.However, you can choose the options with red illumination.It will cost the average model for the house about 10 thousand. Rub.

Model Selection Office

Unlike home, office fit a more modest model of the parameters.Display size in this case may be less than 17 inches.In addition, better to choose a model with built-in speakers at once.In this case, it will not load the table unnecessary headset.Minimum display resolution should be 1288 x 1090 pixels.Setting the brightness of the monitor for the office encouraged at the level of 150 cd per 1 sq.m. The horizontal viewing angle should be at least 90 degrees.In addition, should pay attention to the power consumption parameter.On average it is around 23 watts.It will cost the buyer a good monitor for office in the area of ​​8 thousand. Rub.

Reviews Model "Acer 196N"

These Acer monitors have good reviews.Many buyers choose it provided a model for the home.Display size in this case, the manufacturer provided 29 inches.Covering Accessories - frosted.LED lights mounted fairly high quality and not much in the eye catches.Built-in speakers in this case are available.The aspect ratio is 21: 9, so widescreen movies to watch on it quite comfortably.The response time of the matrix is ​​at around 6 ms.It should be a model "Acer 196N" in the market in the area of ​​11 thousand. Rub.

What is interesting 296S monitor?

These LCD Acer monitors are best suited for gamers.First, we should note the great opportunities the device settings.The maximum brightness of the monitor can be set to 200 cd per 1 sq.m. The contrast of the display is also good.LED lighting manufacturer provides for a fairly bright.Built-in speakers in this model are available.The maximum horizontal viewing angle is 178 degrees.It is necessary to monitor the market represented exactly 10 thousand. Rub.

Should I choose AL1916W?

This monitor Acer AL1916W on the parameters for both home and office.The maximum number of colors the device can reproduce 16 million. The angle of horizontal view is at 150 degrees.Adjust the position of the display on the parties in the present model can be.Stereo in this case provided by the manufacturer 2W.Headset port on the rear panel are available.Cost model presented in the market about 14 thousand. Rub.

246N What are the advantages?

This LCD monitor Acer246NU among other devices as a convenient setting.The brightness and contrast of the screen the user can configure using the two buttons.Its characteristics presented model is quite similar to the previous monitor.Covering it has frosted.Built-in speakers in this case, the manufacturer does not provide.The maximum display resolution is at 1366 x 768 pixels.

LED backlight, the model has a fairly bright.The display contrast of 100,000: 1.Horizontal viewing angle of the device is at 90 degrees.The standard "Acer 246N" is itself a model with manual and power cord.It should be submitted to monitor the market in the area of ​​12 thousand. Rub.

Model Overview "Acer 326N"

many buyers submitted Acer monitors are highly valued for the quick response.Thus, for gamers, they fit well.However, the monitor can also be purchased for the house to watch movies in high quality.The average horizontal frequency is at 75 Hz.Power consumption of the device is 20 watts.The standard model includes a power cord, as well as instructions on using the monitor.

The stand apparatus in this case can be controlled not only on the slope, but also on the rise.The maximum number of colors the system is able to recognize 16 million. The angle of the horizontal review of the model is at 90 degrees.Pixel size in the present screen is 0.3 mm.Built-in webcam and columns in the model no.Should this copy at the store about 12 thousand. Rub.

Reviews monitor "Acer 222K"

Many buyers choose these Acer monitors for home use.According to its characteristics, they are released from other devices and are at an average level.LED backlight in this case provided a very interesting, the whole design of the monitor will interest many.The reaction time of the matrix is ​​about 5 ms.The aspect ratio of the display - 16: 9.

Built-in speakers and a tuner in this model no.Indicator device brightness is at 150 cd per 1 sq.m. The contrast in this case, the user is able to adjust using the buttons on the side panel.The maximum horizontal view angle of the device is at 120 degrees.It is necessary to monitor "Acer 222K" in the store exactly 10 thousand. Rub.

new model on the market - 277N

The model is most suitable for the office staff.Adjust the brightness in this case it is possible without difficulty.It should also be noted that the monitor is not presented by a bright backlighting, and it is a great advantage.Contrast ratio had pretty high.Setting Brightness - 200 cd in the area of ​​1 sq.m.

maximum viewing angle of the display is 90 degrees.Power consumption of the device is 22 watts.Coating in this case a standard frosted.Built-in speakers are set to monitor 2 W, and the resolution of the display is 1366 x 768 pixels.It is necessary to monitor "Acer 222K" in the store exactly 15 thousand. Rub.

Opportunities monitor 19NK

This monitor Acer 19NK able to boast of a good resolution.The indicator brightness is around 250 cd per 1 sq.m. The integrated tuner of this configuration is absent, as column.Dynamic contrast ratio in the device can be adjusted using the buttons on the bottom panel.Lots of color scheme can recognize 15 million. Horizontal frequency is at around 70 Hz.

power consumption device - no more than 23 watts.The reaction time of the matrix, in turn, is as much as 5 ms!As a result, it can be said that the present model is suitable for gamers 286NK well.At the same time, the office is better to choose other easier option.It is necessary to monitor the market specified in the area of ​​12 thousand. Rub.

Consumer reviews "Acer 240N"

Many customers are satisfied with the image quality of the display.Watch movies on it with high resolution - a pleasure.Among the shortcomings should be noted a complex operation.The menu in this case is only available in English.Also, many people are not happy pretty catchy LED lights.Setting the brightness of this model is around 220 cd per 1 sq.m.

adjust the contrast in this case, it is possible.Configure support under Acer Monitor LED-240N is possible only on the sides.That said, this model can be recommended to people who love to watch movies in high quality.