Making child's learning, you need to know what the school refers to the address of residence (registration)

Until recently, the design of a child in the first grade was like entering a higher education institution.After all, to get to the school, located directly next to the house, it was quite problematic.Now the situation has changed.The regulation set to 1 class takes place centrally.Parents need to know in advance what the school refers to the address of residence or the residence of the child.

new rules for admission to the school

literally only in the past few years has a new law that approved the free right to choose the educational institution of their parents for their child.But it is necessary to rely on the lists assigned to the school area.The reason for the adoption of new regulations has become a very complicated and aggravate the situation on the Admission of children to school.The problem was artificially created in the competition alone, more prestigious, educational institutions and a shortage in others.To at least some way to change the situation, it was necessary to determine the exact addresses relating to schools.This means that the priority right to transfer close to the place of residence of the child in an institution is only available if the documented fact of registration (temporary or permanent) place of residence or stay in the school mentioned in the lists of the territory.Where you can find out what the school refers to the address?What features and rules you need to know their parents before submitting the documents?Answers to these and other questions you will find in this article.

How and where to find out what the school refers to the address of residence?

for your interest in information, please contact directly to the institution or a higher education institution, in charge of the territory.Also, all the information about the procedure and during the reception should be reflected on the site of the school.This latter option is preferred access as online mode provides continuous updating not only normative, but also the current documentation: admission plan, schedule, list of required documents, the orders of enrollment, and so on. D. In addition, parents will be able to familiarize themselves with the siteCharter, the rules of conduct, the regime and many other useful data, regulating the activities of the organization.

Who has the right to priority enrollment?

According to the rules, the reception of documents in the 1st class of the new school year starts on April 1.But take shape in such early stages are only entitled to the registration of persons.So, to determine which school is the address of the residence of the child, you can safely go to apply.Presence of the certificate of registration at the place of residence or stay and child's birth certificate is a guarantee of admission to an educational institution, provided the available empty seats.If you want to give the baby to study in another, for example, is closer to the house or a more prestigious school, have to apply at a later date.

absence of registration - the risk does not fall into the lists of children enrolled in school

In 2014, the reception of documents in one class from the parents of children who are not registered at the address of residence, moved a month earlier.Contact the school for registration can be from June 1 instead of 1 July, as it was in 2013.But this method can be "frozen."The reason - the lack of availability.This means that the lists credited entirely made up, and they included children permanently or temporarily designated for prescription on the school site.Therefore, many parents before reaching their school-age child change the official residence of the child, namely perepropisyvayut it to grandparents, relatives.But it is necessary to know that such a measure is possible only with simultaneous renewal of registration of one of the parents, as children are "tied" to them documented.So, instead of competition in the prestigious schools spread process of fictitious relocation.After the official registration - guarantee admission to the desired institution which, in turn, have lists of children assigned to him with a residence permit.

Can I apply directly to the two schools?

turns out, you can apply simultaneously in the two schools, if the child resides, not where officially registered, and it does not matter what school refers to the address.It comes and caring parents who are not quite satisfied with the existing range of facilities close to home.If in a regulated school will not be able to get because of a lack of places rightful place on the approved list are always in stock, up until September 1, so even a year or two before the planned date of receipt of the first class of your child, you must know which schoolattached to the address of permanent residence.And already there is a choice for you: to learn where it should be, that is close to home or in school more attractive, but at a distance.