The writing - a statement of his own thoughts.

Writer - is a kind of written work, which involves the presentation of a disciple of his own thoughts and specific knowledge on a particular subject.


Any, even the smallest work has its own structure and composition.If the essay is not any item, it will be made a teacher, as an error.Of course, if you worked on writing still very inexperienced schoolboy, and this is his first job, small blots and shortcomings can be forgiven.However, they write an essay to learn how to properly structure the written language.That it was not just a stream of thoughts and meaningful presentation of ideas with meaning.

composition essay should be clear and well thought-out, and all thought - logically justified.It is also necessary to present analytical elements - they give meaning to the text and completeness.

How to write an introduction?

So essay - a literary work consisting of introduction, body and conclusion.It should start with the first.Entry gives preliminary information on a particular issue - and it usually covers the topic.This part may be the answer to some questions on the subject, or you can make your own opinion, but only if the name has reference to this.Usually it goes like this: "What is your friendship?".More in the composition may be characterized by a period of history or fact provided from the personal biography of the author.It is permitted if such information will be important for the analysis of written dalneyshnego.

Sometimes essay - is to check students' knowledge on a particular subject.Often the teacher asks for the names of such essays as "the image of the hero in Dostoevsky's works" or "destiny theme in Chekhov's play", etc.In these compositions the students have to formulate their own understanding of written material.

By the way, if you want to decorate your work, you can write an epigraph.He must overlap with the topic.The epigraph, not only serves as an ornament, but also helps the author to understand how to start your essay.

main part

Once the entry is written, you can proceed to the main, that is, to the main part.The main problems are the main and were identified in the introduction, so now you need to open them in more detail.The writing - is literacy, knowledge of the text and, of course, his own thoughts.So the bulk of the others should get more volume.If you need to write an essay-commentary on any play, you will need to provide its analysis.Not detailed as writing - is a small work of authorship.However, the key points are the most important, should be indicated.

What should be avoided in the body?So, first - retelling.Secondly it is not necessary to present information that does not relate to the topic.This is called "water."If it is in the text too much, it loses its meaning essays.


preferred to write an essay-argument.It allows you to show imagination, to share something intimate, expressing it on paper.What in general is an essay-argument?This development of a specific theme to its apparent clarity.But it should be written as the author feels.Logic, artistic thinking, analysis - all this must be observed when working on the essay.If harmoniously combine elements of art story with a logical reasoning, will write interesting, exciting and maybe even make you wonder.

often first essay for school and do in the format argument.To begin to understand the essence of this exercise, learners can simply write what they think.It is called this kind of work, "an essay on any subject."And then, after the first experience in terms of writing texts will be purchased, it is possible to work on the structure, composition, style and other features.

variety of topics

Which topic is best to choose?This issue occurs most often to educators (both school and university), who will ask their pupils and students work.Friendship, relationship, the meaning of life, purpose, hometown - in fact a lot of variants.Topics of interest, and in many schools they write compositions.This helps not only to learn to structure their thoughts, but also to better understand the start of the topic.Because when writing an essay you need to talk about friendship, love, betrayal, the meaning of life, to think, to analyze various situations.It pushes on certain thoughts that are reflected on paper.

Everything comes with experience.Just write a composition that could be spent on the publication in the magazine, it is unlikely that someone will.Especially schoolboy.However, such work is necessary to write - this exercise helps develop a certain ability and force yourself to think.