Dream interpretation: what dreams diamond?

As the famous song, girl's best friend - it is diamonds.These gems have always been attributes of high yields and proof of the solidity of the situation.It was often mentioned in the chronicles, and says that dream interpretation?Why dream of diamonds?In addition to the actual interpretation, it could happen due to the fact that in reality the woman could look after myself thinking about jewelry or future acquisitions.

What dream diamond?

almost all sources of interpretation of this vision is a positive.However, the values ​​are different among themselves.Modern commentators explain the phenomenon of the dream as a symbol of wealth, solvency and high social status.Why dream of a diamond?According to the dream book of the 21st century, such a vision is an early success, moving up the career ladder, improving the conditions of life or increase profits.

In the dream, give a diamond ring, whereas in reality, you have to increase revenue material soon.Perhaps it will be a money order from an influential patron.This vision

many dream books interpret it differently.Brilliant as a gift - it is possible to obtain more loans or loan that will have to return than the actual money earned.Consisting in a pair of a dream foretells immediate engagement, and for those who have already done it, is a sign of the approaching celebrations in honor of the wedding.

to parting with someone from the inner circle of his own wine a dream in which you lose a diamond.Yet such a vision could presage the deprivation of something expensive.Often such a dream is happening just before the theft or loss of money.

If the stone will receive a gift in its pure form - it is a sign of patronage and protection, as well as, perhaps, to show respect.Soon someone more influential may have or assistance by default.When the dreamer presents gem to someone else - this is evidence of extravagance.Perhaps a person allows himself to live beyond their means.

Another interpretation

Why dreaming diamonds?The analyst also has an opinion on the matter.Stone often dream in the product, which is known to considerably reduce its real value.This vision indicates the intention of the person to grab the attention of the company or certain individuals.When the diamond dream in its purest form - this shows a desire to prove their own importance.Man's position in life or in society at the moment is mediocre.The dreamer thinks that deserves the best, and intends to prove it as the others, and myself.

Brilliant - Assistant relations

If you dream you see how diamond jewelry gives to someone, you know, like the vision means that you have plans for the conquest of the location of the person to whom and presented a pleasant surprise.After all, in real life rings and other jewelry are a sign of love and a desire to possess.When the dream of stealing precious items - thus expressed the fear of losing your soul mate because of the emergence of a new lover.Maybe life has happened harbingers of similar situations, and the person is afraid to go through a similar again.

What a dream to find a diamond?Besides, that way the luck to meet her fate.Maybe life has prepared the time exploring the subject of love.If personal life is set up, it is likely to dream foretells a meeting with an influential person.People who engage in spiritual practices, most are destined to find a mentor.It can also speak of a sudden opportunity to improve their living or financial situation.

Interpretations sages

What dreams diamonds?According to the interpretation of the wise, such a vision is a false sign.Thus manifest deception, desire to splurge and make the best impression.If you dream that a person collects jewels - this indicates that the heat therefrom in false hopes and impossible dreams.

According to the wise, be wary of such visions, as they are a sign that there is a lie in my thoughts or judgments, or in the external environment.Such an interpretation may be due to the fact that in reality the jewels could only be the representatives of the nobility or upper rulers.They, in turn, does not have the best reputation among the common people.It was believed that the wealth they amassed on the ordinary people, often deprived of opportunities and rights to stand up for their property.Perceive whether such treatment seriously - an individual matter.

to psychologists

What dreams diamonds and gold?According to psychologists, such a vision is a direct indication of the person's intentions.Since precious stones and metals are symbols of wealth and status, possession of shows belonging to the high society, and to present them as a gift, as a rule, it is considered a sign of respect or love for those to whom they are addressed.The vision of this theme symbolizes the internal reflections.Most likely, the person maturing long-term plans in business or career.It is a sign of a serious decision to change your life in a qualitatively better.Of great importance is the emotion that accompanied a dream.

If the present feeling of regret that owning a jewel in fact true, then perhaps in reality there is envy or biased comparison of their own material conditions with others.When the vision is accompanied by anger or other negative emotions, and for unclear reasons, it testifies to the conflict within himself.Perhaps people are tired of the problems, or rampant pace of life and a completely inadequate response to conventional stuff.

Happiness and joy

What dream jewel?If you dream stone brought a sense of joy and delight, such a vision promises appropriate emotions in real life.Someone or something will certainly be a source of happiness in reality.Life is clearly preparing a pleasant surprise for the man in front of him and waiting for great joy.Being happy in a dream - it's always a good sign.Man wakes after such visions in a good mood.

Many stones

What dreams loose diamonds?If you seen a lot of jewelry, lying on the floor, you know: it's a sign bearing plans that are not destined to be realized.It is necessary to rethink its approach to the case.Sleep, in which nuggets found in the cave, the ground or rocks, promises a successful search for a long-awaited solution of problems.If diamonds are scattered on the table, and someone is trying to collect them, then your business will be competitive.When collecting gems dreamer - a harbinger of a false view of reality.

What dream diamond, found in the street or indoors?By the attainment of the mutual sincere feelings.According to the national interpreter similar vision has the opposite meaning.Enjoy a jewel in a dream indicates that in real life this does not happen.

Conclusion Now that you know what the diamond dream.As you can see, the options of interpretation of this dream a lot.Some of them are harbingers of good, others - bad.