How to write essays on the theme of "Love"?

essay on "Love" written mostly in institutions or universities.In these essays it is very convenient to practice journalistic style, in addition to be able to express their thoughts so that they understand the reader.These skills are useful to journalists, psychologists, teachers and linguists.However, the works on the theme of "Love" is set to write and schools.

How to write about high?

This topic, which is relevant at all times, be difficult for children, especially those who still do not even graduated from high school.Why is that?It's simple - not all at this age understand the significance of the loud word "love."Reality, of course, there are cases when the children fell in love in high school, and then grow up, get married and start a family, but this is rare.But high school is already able to express their thoughts on the matter.Still a teenager there are the first feelings that may seem strong.Although sometimes it's true.

One thing is for sure - an essay-argument on the theme of "Love" will only be the case if a person has this feeling inside.And where it does not matter whom he loves - parents, friends, elect or chosen one.The point is not particularly changed.The most important thing - that he loves.So, he knows how to write about it.


would like to quote an expression that goes something like this: "Oh little love can not speak, can be even infinite, and not connected to each other eternal questions and answers."It really is.Reading texts about love, you can continuously see such phrases as: "It's something indescribable in words ..." "It's hard to describe ..." "Incredibly strange feeling, it is necessary to feel ..." etc.This is the main problem and the difficulty of the subject.

essay on "Love" is really hard to write.Of course, all people are thinking, what is it, but very few people get to give a clear definition.That's right - in fact, where there is a feeling, often simply no place for logic and reason.However, working on the essay, you must remain aware of the specifics.Will concentrate distraction.It is necessary to remove himself from his own feelings and take the place of another person, as if looking at the situation from the outside.

Art comparison

If you want to write something serious, you should not abound in "the art of water."We are talking about unnecessary and inappropriate aphorisms, metaphors, tropes, and other expressions that do not carry any meaning.When writing an essay on any moral and ethical topic is very important to strike a balance between sense and emotion."Dry" text in this case is irrelevant - this is not an analyst and not statistics, which only need the facts.However, phrases like "Love - it's as if a handful of stellar radiance that overwhelms you and pours over the edge, like a flash of light, illuminating your dull life ..." is also not fit.Total should be enough.Somewhere you can embellish, in another paragraph - to speculate, to try to answer their own questions.Work with meaning, moderately decorated with beautiful phrases or quotes it will be really interesting and beneficial read.

about first love

essay on "First Love" just write the man that it is currently experiencing.Actually, it was her and ask students to middle and high school.Harder to write about it to those people who have already experienced it.The universities also ask about it, but the students cope with this difficult task.They will have no easy task - to recall the feelings that they experienced at the time.Though, if it is true that the assertion that the first love remembered forever - that will be no problem.
Important in the process of writing essays on the theme "Love" - ​​do not delve into their feelings.It is well coached person as the author.Qualitatively worked essay can be summarized as much as possible the essence of the theme, its thoughts on the matter, even to give advice and food for thought to the reader.And with all this writing is easy to read because it is written sincerely from the heart.