Why dream of a pregnant cat?

Sometimes these images visit the person in the astral plane, it is difficult to understand.You start to look in books or online, but nothing happens.For example, what dreams pregnant cat?Agree, the picture is far from the standards of the common man.And to interpret it just does not happen.Interesting?Let's face it.

thought one way, but it turned out two

The complexity of our problem is that pregnancy and home favorite furry have completely opposite values ​​in almost all decipherers dreams.Purred the essence itself does not promise anything good.Many commentators have attributed her appearance in dreams with existing or future troubles.On the other hand, the offspring, according to the same authors, has a positive sense.It portends a profit.That and try to figure out what a pregnant cat dreams.Maybe the money you just settle enemies?Or incur losses, but will receive compensation?Approximately such a path we will go.This, in principle, that's right.But first, we shall discuss a caveat, having regard to our most important.

can not understand what a pregnant cat dreams, if not determine its attitude to the animal.For one person it is a symbol of a pleasant and affectionate friend, for others - thieves and rogues.Here on this "oven" and offers to ride to understand the essence of dreams.We divide our explanation into two parts.First for those who love cats.

Anxiety is not expected

these happy people furry beauty pending offspring, according to authoritative interpreters, comes cheer.Ahead does not expect anything bad.Rather, the good news waiting for them the other day about what and trying to tell the cat in a dream.What is the vision of the animal flippers and purrs?Also do not worry.A man to whom you feel sympathy longed to meet.Anticipated an exciting, enjoyable event.This dream is to prepare you for an unusual and happy adventure.If you've seen the cat away, she was lying in the grass or just flickered and vanished, then the good news will come not soon.Stock up on patience and endurance.All in good time.However, this is not cause for concern.Fluffy expectant mother in your case - the sign of happiness and prosperity.Especially good when it appears in the dreams of lovers worry about reciprocal feelings.This is a signal of reciprocity and happiness soon.

worth considering

But dreaming pregnant cat sick or dead oblezshey - bad.Hope for a favorable turn of events did not come to pass.This image should be taken as a warning.Something has changed around upset.Man after such dreams should be more attentive to events and people.When thinking about what a pregnant cat dreams, be sure to remember all the details.After all, they can change the meaning of the vision.

If an animal bite or scratch you, you need to carefully watch their words.Awkward joke or wrong metaphor can turn away from the very important person.This image shows the risk of error, the more a shame that you do it by accident.Serious troubles threaten to whom dreamed sick cat in a dream.What is illness beloved friend, apparently everything and know themselves.Someone close, dear and important need urgent help.We'll have to try, in spite of the loss of time and effort.

Those who do not like cats

This poor guy treacherous animals "avenge" his visits.They are the image of a pregnant cat does not bode well.Rather, such a person made a serious mistake, an animal suggests that the day of reckoning is approaching.Surviving it will be difficult, because the disappointment of failure will increase the feeling of complete loneliness.This means that the next will not friend or companion, ready to share the sorrow of defeat.A pregnant cat predicts gossip and condemning gossip behind your back.Even worse, if the animal is ill will, or lousy lishaynyh.After such a dream should stop all cases, not to make decisions.Some time wait out.Mistakes and losses are likely to be not so scary and painful.If a pregnant cat attacks, scratching, biting, the dreamer not to be envied.He was destined to go through a terrible blow caused by the betrayal of a loved black and trustee.

Interpretation of Dreams: cat

When parse such complex vision required to listen to your own intuition.The fact is that even terrible enemies cats vision could spell good things.As a rule, it is inherent in the dream.If it is bright and clear, morning person feels rested and alert, you should not bother with this nonsense.Sleep does not carry the negative information.Maybe the neighbor's cat litter will soon, and you will be offered to raise one of her cubs.

Poor's vision turned dark and "sticky" does not go out of my head.These are sure to be decrypted to record and track events.A prophetic dream.Do not dismiss him, trying to forget the unpleasant sensations.He did not come just like that.