The Mystery of the Black Sea: Karadag snakes

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Crimean peninsula is famous not only for the beauty of nature, unique historical, architectural buildings, sweet wines and juicy fruit, but also amazing riddles, explaining that no one has yet found.One of these mysteries - Karadag snakes, creatures living in the waters of the Black Sea.

Another "father of history" - Herodotus - mentioned in his writings that in the depths of the Black Sea, or, as he called the Greeks of those times, Euxine, home to a huge monster to catch up with the movement of the waves.Karadag snake was repeatedly and sailors.So the Turks who regularly swim in the Crimea and Azov, wrote reports to the Sultan of the dragon.According to witnesses, the creature had a length of about 30 meters, was covered with black scales, and flew back to the crest that resembles the horse's mane.It was swift movement, it is easy to leave behind the most high-speed ships, and waves generated by it, is like the one that occurs when storm.People who inhabited the coastal zone, were also familiar with the marine reptile is not hearsay, which was reflected in fairy tales and myths.

Of course, all of this bother inquiring minds.It sent several expeditions to search for the wild animals, but snakes Karadag was in no hurry to show himself to the people, however, managed to find the egg is truly gigantic size.Balance showed that the mass of "egg" was 12 kg!After the split shell, inside the dragon showed the fetus.For several thousand years, residents and guests of the peninsula argue that somehow met with the unknown and the unknown resident marine waters.And I must say that among the witnesses were well-known and serious person who is no reason not to believe.In their ranks director of the reserve, geologists, a poet, an official of the executive committee of the local military.It is clear that these people - with education and, most likely, are not prone to mystification and fiction.Over the years, Karadag snakes not only catches the eye but still left tangible evidence to support its existence.Fishers Crimea had to pull out of the torn nets dead dolphins with traces on the body of a huge jaw, the size of the teeth is about 4 cm. In this case, were taken not only soft tissue and bone, ribs mammal, demonstrating tremendous strength to eat a predator.The scientists, who were sent to study the corpse of a dolphin, said that still do not know such a creature, which could belong to the prints of teeth.Karadag monster seen and submariners.This happened during the dive "Bentos-300" - laboratories working at depth.Reaching the level of immersion in the 100 meters, hydronauts saw a vague shadow on the right side of the ship.By the window, slowly writhing, sailed up giant snake like studying people with his little eyes.However, as soon as the scientists decided to shoot her in the photo, monster, as if reading their thoughts, rushed into the depths.

Currently there is no official evidence that Karadag snakes - a real being, if he feels that he is looking for and goes into the depths of the sea at the slightest attempt to remove it on video or photographic equipment.Perhaps the situation would be able to clarify the expedition, however, such measures require financial investment, which is in no hurry to do either officials or scientists or private individuals.The waters of our planet is firmly keep their secrets - Loch Ness, Karadag and other aquatic monsters do not seek contact with people.