Beautiful name Elena.

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Parents picking up the name of the newborn, do not often think about how it will affect the fate of the baby.For them, it is important to sound.The key word in the life of the girl should be in harmony with her personality.For many, such is the name of Elena.

characteristic sound

combination of sounds in the name of the owner Elena gives luck.That's when she often hears from the lips of others.Although these women are not very lucky.Rather, their success depends on their innate tenacity.Elena is able to achieve its, if the goal is to find the right.The only thing not warn combination of sounds, it wrongly arranged by priority.But for friends of Helen is a faithful and devoted friend.The family is best to contact the woman Helen.These sounds give birth in her a sense of comfort and security.

What is the name of Elena

Greeks believed that "Elena" in tune with "Selena", which means "torch".Therefore, if you put together all the interpretations, we can say that the name is treated as something bright, even clarifying.Its sound drives away the darkness, gives warmth and joy.

Character name Elena.Positive traits

This woman is capable of fully given to what is involved.If the family, it all forces spend on her welfare.When he placed at the heart of the quarry, where it has no equal.It is able to reach incredible heights thanks to his persistence and systematic action.Elena caring and thoughtful.Her generosity is manifested in the fact that it will not pass another's problems.Friends can always count on it, it will not fail.These features gives the name of the owner Elena.

characteristic negative features

believed that this woman could be arrogance.She tends to use others.This is manifested in the intrigue, cunning.Elena, who "lost" a child can search for a sponsor.It's not her way.Negative Elena long no one can withstand.It risks being "left with nothing."Then it becomes severe.

girl that gives the name of Elena

Feature little Lena is not so gloomy.It's a girl, living their own lives.She loves fairy tales, trusting and good.It's easy to inspire a new occupation.It converges with peers well, but does not show initiative.For cheaters child can come up with a punishment that other adults in your head does not come.Memory has a good, tense and learning the lessons it is not necessary.Although if captivate Lena occupations, it showed remarkable perseverance.She loves clothes, crafts.Emotional and rich imagination gives the name of his mistress Elena.

Feature diminutive variations

If a woman called "Helen", it will manifest itself in love and building a family.Lena - the name for friends.It exhibits the best of its ability to communicate with people.If she often hears in his address "Lence," that will do.The satisfaction of the results will also be shown for her brighter great pleasure.Lenusya will increasingly turn to the best moments of my childhood.From this brighter manifest its best traits.In addition, it will give her the affectionate name of force to achieve what is important to her at the moment.