How to smoke meat and what features hot and cold smoked

No, probably not a single person who at least once in their life have not tried the smoked meat.Tasty and tender, it is fascinating, and being seasoned with spices and seasonings, it draws its outstanding flavor.Some people think that smoking is an extremely complex process that can be carried out solely on the industrial plant, but it is not.Today is devoted to the question of how to smoke meat and what are its characteristics.

first step is to inform you that smoke can not only pork or beef, but absolutely all kinds of meat, including chicken, duck, rabbit, lamb, nutria, and so on.In addition, very popular smoked bacon, which understands hunting lovers of Ukrainian cuisine.Smoked products can also be subjected to practically any fish that will be an excellent snack for the feast.

So, how to smoke meat, and some basic recipes exist for this?First of all, we should analyze the notion of smoking and its essence.This process is the cooking of the meat, which is pre-digesting the carcass and then maintaining it in the smoke of the burning of certain branches of the plant.Most often used are cherry branches that give a great flavor and makes the meat tender and fragrant.The result is a high-quality meat, which will be an essential attribute of any holiday table.

There are two main methods of smoking - hot and cold.Cold is a special cold smoke treated meat under certain conditions (humidity level, smoke fume velocity, temperature, and so on).However, despite the technological advantages and simplicity cold smoking has not such a wide range of flavors as compared to hot.How to smoke meat correctly?Subject to certain technology the whole process can be done in the home.However, it is recommended to all fans to use the technology of hot smoked meat products, as it the quality of the preparation is at a much higher level.

Here's how the process of smoking.

There are most commonly used front and rear of the pig carcass.Meat smoked made from them, is the best.Process begins with the preparation of prosola, which was stirred for 1 kg of salt, 100 grams of chopped garlic, 35 grams of sugar and 40 grams of food nitrate.This solution was carefully rub the carcass and put it down the rind in a wooden barrel, covered and then wait for 5-6 days, during which stands out the brine.Thereafter, the meat is taken out and soaked in water for several hours to remove excess salt.Now is the time for drying hams, for which they should be put up under a canopy at night.And only after that you can begin to direct the process of smoking.All technology should be studied very carefully, as both smoke the meat, without examining the main action sequences?But this is the key to success.

smoking process itself lasts 12 to 24 hours at a temperature of 45 to 65 degrees Celsius, which results in a complete cooking.If you want to get smoked ham, then the process is alternated with a 2-hour break every hour, during which the hams are put in the refrigerator.

Now that we know the basic process, which results in hot smoking meat.Many self-taught craftsmen smoked ham variety of meat at home, so this skill can be mastered by almost everyone.Enjoy your meal!