How to cook pancakes with egg salad and chicken?

salad with egg pancakes and chicken is done fairly quickly, but it turns incredibly generous and tasty.This dish can be easily prepared for the usual family dinner, as well as for the festive table.

salad with egg and chicken pancakes: recipe preparation step

Having prepared a salad once, you'll do it again and again.After all, it turns out very tender, tasty and nutritious.Having used a snack in the afternoon, you will not want to sit down again at the table until a late dinner.It should be noted that this is an unusual dish especially like small children.

So, before you make a salad with egg pancakes and chicken, you must purchase ingredients such as:

  • chilled chicken breast - about 250 g;
  • eggs (preferably large) - 3 pcs .;
  • sweet red onion - 1 head;
  • sweet corn - 1 small tin;
  • odorless vegetable oil - about 55 ml;
  • salt, ground pepper - to taste to apply;
  • mayonnaise average fat - about 150 of

white poultry meat Processing

salad with egg pancakes and chicken should begin to cook with white meat processing.It must be thoroughly rinsed and then put in boiling water.Ambassador of the product, it needs to simmer on low heat for about 40 minutes.During this time, chilled chicken breast should be soft and gentle.

Once the meat is ready, it should remove and cool.In the future, it is necessary to remove the skin, remove bones and the remaining fillets cut into cubes.Incidentally, red onions recommended to grind a similar manner.

process of cooking pancakes

salad with egg pancakes and chicken should be prepared in stages.After the meat product to be shredded and processed, it is necessary to proceed to the processing of eggs.They need to break into a bowl and carefully shake fork.After adding salt and pepper dishes you should form a homogeneous mass of the egg.To use it for cooking pancakes, you must heat the pan with vegetable oil and pour 1/3 of the resulting substrate.And it should be spread evenly over the surface of the dish to have turned round and thin pancake.When browned lower part, the product must be turned using a shovel.

Having prepared egg pancake, it should be removed from the pan and set aside.In exactly the same way you want to fry, and two others.

fire and cool the pancakes, they should be stacked on top of each other and cut into long thin strips of 3-4 centimeters.

process of forming a tasty and tender lettuce

As to form pancakes with egg salad and chicken and corn?To do this, take a large bowl, and then put it boiled fillet and shredded pancakes.Next to the ingredients you want to add a sweet red onions and canned corn, devoid of brine.Finally, all of the products should be the average fat mayonnaise flavor, and then mix thoroughly.

How snack salad should be served to the table?

After a dish of eggs and chicken will be formed properly, it must be immediately present to friends or members of the household.If you stand while a salad, its taste quality will deteriorate.Serve it to the table is recommended, along with a slice of bread before the main hot meal.

Make a salad with egg pancakes and chicken and mushrooms

As mentioned above, the salad made with boiled chicken and pancakes, a very tender and tasty.If you require a spicy appetizer, we recommend that you use the following recipe.For him, we need the following components:

  • smoked chicken breast - about 250 g;
  • eggs (preferably large) - 3 pcs .;
  • sweet red onion - 1 head;
  • green peas - 1 small tin;
  • odorless vegetable oil - about 55 ml;
  • fungi (mushrooms) marinated - about 150 g;
  • salt, ground pepper - to taste to apply;
  • mayonnaise average fat - about 150 of

Prepare components

To prepare this salad, too, should use egg pancakes.How to fry them in a pan and grind, we have described in detail above.As for the other ingredients, they must be processed somewhat differently.Smoked chicken breast should be cleaned from the bones and skin, and then the remaining fillets cut into cubes.You also need to wash and chop marinated mushrooms julienne them.In addition, you need to chop into cubes and a head of red onion.


lettuce salad with egg and smoked chicken pancake formed as easily as vyshepredstavlennoe dish.To get started in a large bowl must be connected to the bird fillet, sliced ​​pancakes and red onion.Next to them you want to add green peas deprived of brine and shredded pickled mushrooms.At the end of flavor components should be a sufficient amount of mayonnaise.Mix all, you should get a very hearty and tasty salad.

How should apply to family members?

prepared salad of smoked chicken breast and marinated mushrooms gives a very aromatic and spicy.Before applying it to the table, flavored mayonnaise mass should be put in a nice salad bowl.Top snack you can decorate with a sprig of dill and slices of small mushrooms.Serve her family members is desirable together with bread.

Bon appetit!