Mortgage ear dizzy: Causes and Treatment

It often happens that a person suddenly lays the ears, and there is a feeling similar to that which occurs when you are under water.This feeling may be accompanied by pain, dizziness, ringing, "flies" in the eyes.A common cause of these symptoms is a blood pressure, but should also take into account that the disease may be even more serious.

situations in which could lay the ear

Sometimes, when running or other physical activities lays ear and dizzy.Then consult a neurologist and an MRI of the head.Also, the possibility of such ailments in the plane - from the sudden change of pressure.Some people with extreme sensitivity congestion at these moments can be accompanied by headache.In such a situation it is desirable to carry gum.It will help get rid of the discomfort.

often lays his ears and dizzy during pregnancy.With that faces every second woman, and appear and disappear symptoms can very suddenly.Get rid at this stage of life from this misfortune will turn out.One consolation is that such a

condition is not dangerous either for the pregnant woman or the child.Things are much worse when this happens with a cold - then you should seek immediate medical attention.

main reasons for laying the ears

reasons may be very different, for example, differential pressure or temperature, are also not ruled signs of symptoms of any illness.Most nasal appears after bathing, when the ear canal is hammered gray, swollen by water.Then should just stick to clean the ear canal, it absorbs moisture and eliminate the problem.One reason may be cerumen impaction.To solve this problem is possible only with the help of a doctor.He will wash, and hearing is restored immediately, the pain will pass.

If the patient runny nose, as well as laying the ear and the head is turned, the issue is much more serious.In this case, the cause is the narrowing of the Eustachian tube, and must affect the source rather than the ear itself.And the worst option - when the cause is inflammation.The symptoms are obvious enough: the temperature, pain, and ear lays dizzy.

also happen that after otitis are scars that hinder the mobility of membranes, which leads to hearing problems.And in addition to the common cold, it could be a deviated septum, so if a runny nose was, and remained uncomfortable, should ask, is this not the case.If, despite the measures undertaken, still lays his ears and dizzy, the reasons can be much more serious.It should seek immediate medical attention, as are various violations of the auditory nerve, which can lead to partial loss of hearing.

How is it diagnosed?

Of course, the treatment can not begin without a diagnosis.And it, in turn, depends on the situation and symptoms.When laying the ear and the head is turned in the plane or after visiting the baths, diving in the pool, a sharp rise from the bed, if you exercise, the diagnosis is quite possible to put on their own.But if the symptoms appeared just like that, and they have no apparent explanation, you should consult a specialist and do not self-medicate.When laying the ears and the head is turned, the diagnosis can be put only an experienced doctor after the test.Receiving any medication is impossible without first consulting a specialist.

When the cause - blood pressure

If a man lays his ear, dizzy, a headache, fly "fly" and flashing dark spots before the eyes, maybe he has a predisposition to high blood pressure.In this case it is sufficient to exclude from his life, some habits that lead to hypertension.People with a predisposition to the banned tobacco and alcohol.Should beware of large amounts of salt and fatty foods, it is desirable to maintain normal weight, to give the body a little exercise.All this will avoid increasing the pressure, and ear lay stops.

When the cause - a runny nose

In this case, you must purchase a vasoconstrictor drops and drip in the sinuses, after blowing her nose.You can also use ordinary salt water or sea - it is sold in a pharmacy.But we should not drip boric alcohol in the ear.Studies show that when laying the ear and the head is turned, it does not help.

Try "blow" ears to dial into the lungs as much as possible the air, close your nose and mouth with his hands and breathe heavily.It may also help to inflate the balloons through a thin straw or simply yawning.

traditional treatments

To avoid laying the ears, it should be remembered that due to the frequent consumption of salted, smoked and spicy food to produce more sulfur, which sometimes leads to traffic jams.Yet, if such a problem occurs, you can try a folk remedy, for example, drip into the ear two or three drops of hydrogen peroxide, used for some time and rinse.It also helps chewing radish, apples, carrots and other crunchy vegetables and fruits.Traditional healers say thanks to cerumen impaction softened with time, and then completely dissolved.

One of the popular methods of treatment in a situation where lays the ear and the head is turned, it is considered bouncing on one leg with a bend of the trunk.

It should be added that we should not try to remove the sulfuric stopper own a cotton swab, it's not excluded serious consequences.Therefore it is better for such a procedure, consult your doctor.