Beyonce: height, weight, shape parameters

Who knows luxury dark-skinned singer Beyonce?Growth and other parameters of the sexy beast excite the imagination of men and women.First envy faithful companion of singer Jay-Z, and the second seeking to achieve the same success in life, career and appearance.

public personalities have much more responsibilities: they should always look after themselves, so as not to appear in an unfavorable light.What secrets from Beyonce?Height, weight, shape parameters?As she takes care of your skin?And is it true that she is so perfect, how many fans are inclined to believe?

on the musical horizon

Many artists seek to realize the great American dream, but it is utopian to believe that the success and viability of universal love is possible without hard work.Always have a lot of spiteful critics stars ready to discredit their name.In particular, the recent interest is the height and weight of Beyonce.2015 has become difficult for the singer, as she put on weight.The singer - Texas origins and loves a tasty meal, but, alas, for the waist is very bad.

Spiteful critics argue that early childhood singer eats greasy fries and chicken, which is very strong effect on her figure.As a result, she became the owner of mouthwatering succulent forms, and not to "raspolztis" she pays the lion's share of spare time sports loads.Requirement dance and choreography in the concert programs.In addition, the singer can not afford not to save money on clothes and pick them carefully.Chief assistant for Beyoncé in drawing became her mother's wardrobe.She learned to be in harmony with itself and does not seek much to lose weight.

ideal or an ordinary woman?

must say that Beyonce - professional dancer, singer and actress.Her time is scheduled for many months ahead, and it is quite rare affords gastronomic excesses.But on the other hand, the dynamic order of life compels snack junk food, there is once a day and late at night.At Beyonce growth is average - just 167-169 centimeters.The ideal weight at such growth will be 55-57 kg.In fact, it turns out that Beyonce more luxuriant familiar ideals.Her weight is 64 pounds.But the singer feels comfortable, and if a woman is experiencing typical symptoms of uncertainty in its beauty, it does it discreetly and competently.Many women weight is distributed ugly: extra kilogram settles lifeline at the waist, swim collarbone that immediately conceals the overall impression of fragility.

should add here still the possibility of obesity in male principle.Therefore it is not always skinny woman became the owner of a harmonious and attractive shapes.Beyonce carefully looks after itself.The volume of her breasts - 87 centimeters.At the waist it is 65 centimeters and hips - 100 cm. Until the notorious 90-60-90 lacks quite a bit, and yet this woman for 32 years.

fame at age 16

all Beyonce fans just do not think about her age.Well, as this dynamic, vibrant and sexy women may already have more than 30 ?!How she managed to achieve so much in such a short time ?!After all, it can not boast of many elderly people.Once upon a time, early in his career, Beyonce has performed under the full name - Beyonce Giselle Knowles.She was one of the singers of the group Pussycat Doll's.At a very young girl appeared an army of fans, it has become a dream come true for both men and women imitated, it was especially nice, taking into account the fact that in the case of Beyonce parameters (height, weight and other characteristics) closer ordinary women.

chiseled figure models seem to be something ephemeral and illusory, but appetizing forms Beyonce look like the work owner, not a plastic surgeon.

What is the secret of beauty?

Every woman has its tricks.Beyonce - is no exception.Her curvy hips differ tan and lack cellulite and slim waist creates a stunning contrast with the correct form of the breast.The singer enjoys sharing his recipes appeal.The key to beauty she calls proper nutrition and full meal with two snacks.The diet is dominated by vegetables and grains, and on Sunday, the singer gives himself the will and eats whatever she wants.Beyonce also focuses on sport, but replaces it with dance, neglecting training in the gym.And finally, it is necessary to pay attention to face care.In everyday life, the singer uses a minimum of makeup, beautician visits, making cleaning procedures and tries to monitor the content of their diet of fatty, fried and salty, to minimize the possibility of skin problems.

Beauty is in the details

fans Why it is important to know how tall is Beyonce?Basically, this information is important in order to adapt her style for themselves.In fact, fans often copy the style and manner of your favorite artists.Beyonce - very bright personality, open and incredibly sexy.

And its attractiveness does not seem feigned.She looks like a tropical butterfly with large wings.In the wardrobe of the singer dominated model with low-cut, tight-fitting shape, shorts and jeans.At social events Beyonce always looks chic.It has its own distinctive features, such as her clothes are full of glitter, rhinestones, forms feminine and sexy.It should be noted that with the heels almost parted Beyonce.Height 169 cm allows the singer to experiment with their height.Beyonce prefers classical models of shoes-boats with a sharp toe.In everyday life, she chooses not to beauty, and convenience, showing dresses, skinny figure.It is the right choice.For those members of the fairer sex who are the owners of similar shapes characterized by lush hips.Why emphasize them once again?After all, beauty can turn into a deformity.It is better to choose plain jeans, focus on the upper part of the ensemble.At Beyonce growth can be called the best, as it seems a tiny flat shoes and carefully looks in shoes with heels.Because it makes no sense to add to his stature by means of lush hair and other tweaks.Chest can emphasize the beautiful neck, but large prints should be avoided as it is too risky choice.By the way, the style of Beyonce is not possible without its luxurious white-toothed smile.


can be surprised, but the figure is often the best option affects the makeup.Large girls do not recommend to do several accents makeup.At Beyonce make-up is always perfect, because she knows the basic rules.Base gives a beautiful bronze tan, hazel eyes singer and her dark eyebrows from nature.Thus, the make-up in the style of Beyoncé suitable tanned and dark-eyed girls.He might come up and other facial features.

Makeup can be variability, but on condition that the database will always warm shades of gold, copper or coffee.Beyonce does not abuse blush, because he knows that with her skin color is not essential.You can slightly shade cheekbones to visually adjust the shape of the face.

in the charts among the stars

Every year the most beautiful famous women are close to a hundred different lists, which are classified according to their beauty, success and other characteristics.For face and figure - literally tools of stars, but because they can not afford to forget about self-care.Practice has shown that universal acceptance is not necessarily to be slim model;the actual figure remains of Marilyn Monroe, which was far too thin.Scarlett Johansson is now at the peak of popularity, although it is considered the owner of magnificent forms.Much the same can be said about the mulatto Beyonce.Biography, height, weight and personal life of each of these beauties are full of bright colors.They work hard to make appetizing forms did not develop into a normal weight.In particular, Beyonce is rumored to prefer lemonade diet.