Professional walk-behind "Agros"

Motoblock "Agros" - is a professional multi-functional unit of the class of heavy equipment (weight 160 kilograms).Produced enterprise "Ufa Engine Industrial Association".The company specializes in aircraft engines and, accordingly, all other products are characterized by powerful and reliable parameters.Motoblock "Agros" began its history in the early '90s, when the company came from the conveyor unit to perform agricultural work "Ural".It was a middle-class equipment, but quickly proved himself well with consumers and get a lot of positive feedback due to its high performance.The characteristics of reliability at the time it was not equal tillers.Inspired by the success of manufacturers in 1998 have developed and released more modern, productive and versatile walk-behind "Agros".

model has been very successful.Motoblock included all the best features of its predecessor, thoroughly improved and refined: the engine capacity of 8 horsepower perfectly perform almost any task, the guarantee of operation for 10 years (at the time it was an ideal long life), ease of use thanks to the adapter,which made it possible to use any attachments.Motoblock "Agros" can perform any task faced by the farmer within the conduct of individual farming: plowing of the soil, its cultivation, harvesting herbs, ridging rows mezhryadnaya processing, harvesting potatoes, transportation laden trailer, snow removal and more.Motoblock equipped with a single-cylinder four-stroke engine carburetor UMP-341 with forced air cooling.It works on gasoline A-76.Tank capacity - 6 liters.Fuel consumption per hour with an average load - 2 liters.The unit provides the pulling force of at least 100 kg.Motoblock "Agros" has 3 speeds and 1 reverse.Road vertical clearance - 25 centimeters.

for various types of work has been specially developed additional attachments to professionally equip motoblock "Agros".Parts are supplied by the manufacturer and the companies have concluded an agreement on the issue of units and parts of the developer.Among the undisputed benefits of tillers, of course, primarily the owners valued the technique power, versatility, maneuverability.Off shaft is positioned so that can be used not only static, but also active attachments such as snow tools, tillers, mowers, plows, equipped with coupling, Potato, blade, shovel and others.

Today "Ufa Engine Industrial Association" has suspended release unit walk-behind "Agros": Repair operated mechanisms become very problematic exercise, but the owners are in no hurry to part with this technique.