Why dream of gold and gold jewelry?

Who does not want to have a mountain of gold?Well, that is the desire can be realized even in a dream.Dreams with this unsurpassed precious metals come to so many people.Under the prism of psychoanalysis, this phenomenon can be interpreted as a subconscious dissatisfaction with their financial situation, as the greed and craving for wealth and beautiful life.Why dream of gold?Let's analyze the extant interpretations of dream books.

Gold: the total value of sleep

If you study all the treatments currently known dream book, it turns out that much of the interpretation of this dream depends on the overall picture, so to speak, the storyline sleep.For example, what dream gold if it dreamed of a young girl?Most dream book says that this dream is an omen of marriage.Chosen will be provided, you can say, is rich, but future wife will suffer from his avarice and greed.The same applies to the interpretation of dreams, where a woman receives a gift of gold jewelry, especially rings.Why dream of gold, if it was a lot?Most of the dream book interprets this as the upcoming success in life and in all endeavors, general well-being and prosperity.

What dream find gold?

Gold can be found in the dream, but you can lose it.To understand the meaning of these messages the night, not to be found in dream books answer the question: "Why dream of gold, if you lose it?" By connecting a little imagination, logic and common sense, you could guess the meaning of the dream.The fact is that gold (it is the same money) is for each person sacred value generated and transmitted the collective unconscious for centuries.Therefore, the dream of a sudden finding gold - not ambiguous, it portends a person and reality finding as valuable "finds."His aspirations, talents and virtues will be rewarded in life, and all the work and effort will lead to wealth, recognition, success and well-being.In this regard, it is clear, and another dream where the gold is lost or stolen.The loss of a dream in reality means that people will not be able to retain its current position and use this opportunity to his fateful because of its carelessness and sloppiness.

Why dream a lot of gold?

To dream of a large amount of gold - to the materialization of wealth, success and prosperity.A dream in which a person has a lot of this great metal, both in the form of bars and coins or jewelry, predicts a comfortable existence and prosperity of the dreamer.However, the interpretation still depends on the quality of what he saw gold.Brilliant, shimmering, clear can be viewed as a good sign.But the dirty, dull, deformed or broken (if it is jewelery), likely portends the loss of promising opportunities available position, financial status.Maybe this dream mean and impending poverty and ruin.If you dream that a person finds a gold mine, the mine opens, rich deposits of metal, then in reality he easily and successfully cope with its assigned difficult.It will be marked by financial reward and recognized success.