Riddles of the subconscious: what dreams gold chain

Gold has always had a special power over the people.Remember the famous phrase Mefistofilya from the tragedy "Faust": "People are dying for the metal".Of course, the great Goethe had in mind is not an ordinary piece of iron, and the objects yellow, shining in the sun.In the East, hieroglyph for gold, considered a sign of true wisdom and enlightenment.And that could mean dreamed some golden thing?

Dreaming chain

What dreams gold chain?Other downers interpret this phenomenon in its own way, depending on the subject and the unfolding events.For example, the total value is: loyalty and dedication to loved ones, friends and acquaintances.Now more.

  • interesting interpretation of the dream Freud.He explains what dreams gold chain, as follows: received it as a gift, then the donor belongs to you very sincerely, kindly, he appreciates and respects you.But hanging around the neck of someone, it symbolizes nothing but excessive curiosity as your private and intimate lives of others.That is, you are missing the attention of the opposite sex that you compensate the fact that trying to figuratively and literally look into someone else's bedroom keyhole.In order not to develop a different psychic complexes, get you!And another option, what dreams gold chain if it is - a gift that you have lost your back is clearly something going on, plotting.Look closely at the surroundings and be on the lookout!
  • What we offer modern interpreters?They are not always consistent, and, after reading predictions, sometimes you can just get lost.Nevertheless, what dreams gold chain that you give to a friend or girlfriend?Chances are, you suspect them of treason.But calm down, a false alarm.Your chain is broken?Here it is tense: the dream is often prophetic and threatens serious disease.Try to lead a healthier lifestyle, then problems may avoid.The more that once there is such an association: "chain-series of events, the result follows from them."
  • most difficult, perhaps oriental dream book.He summed under the philosophical and symbolic framework, and the interpretation thereof relate to a particular worldview, characteristic of Japan, China, East Asia, Tibet.According to him, gold dream in a sign that it is time to rethink the man himself, his spiritual identity and thinking, ideals and aspirations.Prevoelement gold - fire, it burns, consumes and cleanses, refreshes.To dream of a gold item, such as a chain, then try to change themselves, get rid of complexes, prejudices, leave the inertia and, conversely, to gain the flexibility of thought, clarity of mind, the spirit of enlightenment.This is the first.Secondly, gold is related to the digestive organs and blood: the pancreas, liver, gall bladder, heart.Because, depending on the orientation of the plot of sleep, he can warn about the origin of diseases associated with the malfunction of the body, or, conversely, make it clear that the "heart flaming engine", the stomach and other systems in order.

How accurate are all these interpretations, judge, of course, the people themselves, those who see the dream.