All the salt of the earth.

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Capricorn, pets wise Saturn, are born at the junction of the old and the new year.They belong to the period from 22 December to 20 January.Their elements - earth, their color - brown, their stone - ruby.

born under this sign people achieve much in life.Congenital persistence allows them to be held both in business and in personal life.They can start right friends, successful investing is ideally marry.

Temperament Capricorn.Ice and Flame

people belonging to the same zodiac sign, often have very different characters.Exception - Capricorn.Characteristic sign of quite accurately reflects the general features of its representatives.

They are practical and punctual, ambitious and persistent.About Capricorns say, that their passions are under strict control.Representatives of this sign are cold, melancholic, restrained.

similar characteristics Capricorn male is able to scare off fans, however, under the feigned indifference may be hiding a real romantic, able to give the woman he loves a lot of bright emotions.That's just the lady of his heart, he will choose carefully, meticulously and very long.

Characteristics Capricorn women are not so depressing.They are more erotic and have a special mysterious charm that worries men.Their credo - decency.They, more than anyone else, know how to behave in society.They are strict and unapproachable and prefer to communicate with men not use feminine charms and a sharp mind.Only elected manage to know what the volcano is hidden behind the external coldness of these brilliant women.

up the career ladder.Capricorns and business

Capricorns strive to achieve a high social status because of their practicality and ambition.They know the value of money and material prosperity achieved consistently and confidently.

main characteristic of Capricorn expressed by the word "forward", and this makes them excellent workers, executive and persistent.

Capricorns secretive, clever and observant.With a low flight of creative thought, a lot of analyze and calculate the possible moves before you make a decision.We use the acquired knowledge and experience.

They know how to set clear goals and know how to achieve them.They never step back and do not fall out of the blue.

Capricorn woman collected and professional.In an effort to occupy a high position are serious competition for men.Do not shun intrigue and gossip.Capricorn Characteristics of women occupying high positions, brilliant.They enjoyed unquestioned authority and respect of his colleagues.

Capricorns are unable to go for broke and risk.Success they reach the long hard work.The first half of life Capricorns learn a lot and work a lot, often to the detriment of family relationships.The stability and financial independence come to Capricorns later, during the second or third part of life.

Health Capricorn

What child Capricorn?Characteristic of his health in childhood is disappointing: the child grows faint, incredulous, painful.It has a slender physique, can not boast of physical strength and endurance.He suffers from damp and cold, often sick.Can arthritis ache and often injure their knees.Inclined to melancholy and depression.

With age, the husband, is growing.Inherent Capricorns moderation allows him to live a long life.Older Capricorns look fresher and younger peers, have better health.

in life Capricorns should be wary of hypothermia to protect the spine and joints, avoiding depressions.