Extend passport, is it possible?

approaching New Year holidays, which means that the rest time is not far off!Many people dream to go on a trip abroad during the holidays, but often from hindsight, "vacationers" problems with the documents.If one does not give a visa to enter another country, then the other question is: "How do I renew a passport?".

Of course, all the bureaucratic issues need to be addressed not in the past month prior to departure, but much earlier, but for those who did not take action in time to sort out the problems with the documents, there are ways to travel abroad as quickly as possible.

First of all, it is necessary to clarify that under the current legislation it is impossible to renew a passport.There are no procedures to keep the old document had not yet closed the visa.He completely loses its force expires and must be replaced, so the idea was initially refuse to renew a passport, even for big money.Visa problems can be solved in such a way that when entering the country you are bringing a new valid passport and a visa from the old document.Details should clarify before you leave to avoid being in a difficult situation.

As you probably know, for some time the document is replaced by the old-style biometric passport, which is valid for ten years.Biometric documents is not the first year are very popular in European countries.With the help of these government agencies are able to verify the identity of the owner with the maximum precision when passing customs control them in any other situations.

Since renew a passport at the present time will not be possible, so let's deal with what is now the new improvements in the preparation of the document, by which we can go abroad and how much it will cost.If you decide to do your own biometric passport through government agencies, if you have left a few months and a lot of patience, you will need 2,500 rubles (from 14 years), or 1,200 rubles (from 0 to 14 years).For those who do not want to sit out in OVIR queue and wait a few months, there are numerous companies involved in the issuance of passports as soon as possible.Prices of such firms vary depending on the timing, but on average, of the order of several tens of thousands of rubles.

Documents for the extension of the passport and obtaining new passports need to prepare the following: a statement (in a few instances);Photo;Russian passport;employment history (if any);military ID (for men);passport issued to you earlier;receipt on payment of state fees.For those who have not yet turned 18, the required list is as follows: the application;Photo;Birth certificate (original and copy);a passport of the child and his parent or guardian;child's passport issued previously;receipt.

Although renew a passport is now possible, and no, there are options for obtaining certificates of various kinds.In addition to biometric, commonly preserved old-style documents that are valid for 5 years.Visa Office advises not to issue passport "old-fashioned" and use the new service, but still, its effect has not yet been terminated, he has full legal force on par with the biometric.

If you are already abroad (live, work, study, etc.) and there is a need to extend the passport on the territory of a foreign country, you should contact the Consulate of the Russian Federation at the location.