Bypass list at dismissal: the legitimacy and function

Many managers require employees when they dismiss the bypass list, is a special document containing personal data (name, full name and department), with whom the employee must work around a few instances of the employer before you leave it.This document is often referred to informally "runner" is a guarantee that the employee has no material debts to his organization.If such indebtedness will be identified, the employee will be required to fully compensate them, before leaving his place of work.

In fact, the final clearance for dismissal (the form is available from your manager or employee of the personnel department) can not be required on a mandatory basis.Making this document is not provided by the Labor Code, and hence the requirement it can be considered illegal.However, in practice dismiss staff much easier and faster to get around all the proper authorities necessary to complete this document, we go into the details of the labor laws of the country and to engage in debate on this issue with the leadership of the organization.The unspoken labor system of our country is such that the employee is laid off will not show your manager (or to the personnel department) is completely filled with the bypass list, it will not be able to get their work record, as well as a full cash payment.In this case, the dismissal procedure begins considerably delayed, in breach of Article 84.1 of the Labour Code.

situation is different for those employees who leave the organization are not on their own.They could have the right to refuse to fill the "runner".Violation of the rights established by the labor legislation of the country, they can appeal to the court.

So the bypass list does not provide labor law, a single form of its filling does not exist.Each organization will set the rules according to which should be filled with a bypass list for dismissal, while the sample is given directly to the hands of lay off employees.It should also be borne in mind that not all employers require this document.

in the labor legislation of our country clearly defined rules for the dismissal of employees to their jobs.Under the provisions of the TC, the dismissal of a worker only on the orders of his employer.At the same time the employee is required to read this document in a strictly mandatory under the painting.If this is for some reason not possible or the employee refuses to read the order, there is a corresponding mark.A copy of the document to be issued at the hands of the employee at his first request.

Issuance of the work book, as well as all work-related documents and complete calculation of the former employee should be held on the last day of his work in the organization, regardless of whether they completed the bypass list.If the employee for any reason is not the last day on the job, the employer must send him a notice to get the work-book.

Design "Runner" is practiced in most commercial organizations in Russia.Its existence has its advantages.For example, only by a sheet bypass employer can force an employee to return to the pre-trial property it does not belong, and prevent embezzlement organization.As you know, there are dishonest people, both among employers and among their employees.