How to legalize alterations to the apartment, if the repairs have already been made

often happens that the internal layout of property ceases to hold its owners for various reasons.But before you start the global transformation, it is worth considering how to legalize alterations to the apartment.And often there are situations when, dismissing from the seemingly hassle, then the person gets a lot more problems.

problems of illegal redevelopment

If time is not observed the procedure for approval of redevelopment, the hapless owner of this property faces the following unpleasant consequences:

- the sale of your apartment will not be able to bail out its real value.Believe me, wanting to buy a house with such a makeweight find very problematic;

- if the landlord does not care about the legality of re-planning, it is almost certain he was waiting for fines or an order to return the apartment to its original state.And the most unpleasant thing that can happen - a lawsuit on the sale of property at auction with a view to return the premises to its original view;

- illegally remodeled housing mortgage could be the reason for the bank's requirements immediately repay the loan in full in connection with the change of the object of pledge;

- in the case of re-planned apartment where the tenant lives on the social contract of employment, after a series of penalties the contract is terminated, and he himself may well be evicted;

- notarial acts to the apartment will not be available.Non-compliance of the information specified in the title documents and in the data sheet issued after measurement experts BTI, is sufficient reason for refusing to notary services.

From the above we can draw an unequivocal conclusion - illegal re-planning can cause a lot of headaches.But what to do if the corresponding reconciliation were not received in a timely manner as to legalize alterations to the apartment?

options legalization of illegal redevelopment

There are several scenarios.If you were to ponder the question how to legalize alterations to the apartment, you should carefully choose the most appropriate one.

Firstly, you can go through all the procedures necessary for the only upcoming redevelopment.Going this route, you can eventually get a decision on the harmonization of the local authorities.But before turning to the inter-ministerial commission, at a minimum, need to get technical passport apartments in its original condition and to prepare a draft redevelopment licensed agreed with the housing organization and the different departments (SES, MES, the district architect and others.).A guarantee that everything will go smoothly, no one will, therefore, consider other options.

All subsequent actions will be linked with a court order to restore law renovations.Therefore, no matter what the complexity has not been produced by remodeling the apartment, the documents confirming the preservation of the design characteristics of an apartment building, matching the room fire and health standards should always be kept handy.And most importantly, we must be prepared to prove that your actions did not violate the rights of others.

The court can appeal against the refusal of the interdepartmental commission said in agreeing produced redevelopment.If you're lucky, the decision to refuse to be declared illegal, and the court will oblige local authorities to coordinate rescheduling.You can also wait for the claim requirement for the sale of apartments at auction (when the apartment is owned by you), or eviction from the termination of contract of employment (when the housing is municipal), and file a counterclaim for maintaining apartments reschedule form, as the requirements of SNIP and the rights of others youare not violated.However, such an arrangement would require of remarkable composure and fraught with the risk of losing process.Therefore, it is not necessary to pull the fate of his mustache.It is better to take this opportunity to appeal to the court for keeping your property in a state of re-planned.This option will pass the most painless and the result of your actions, aimed at how to legalize alterations to the apartment will be more predictable.