Godmother - Acting sorceress

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sacrament of baptism was for us a great rite, but rather as common after giving birth, as, for example, vaccination.You can, of course, not to do, but is it safe.Russian people for a long time had been cut off from the church.Suffice it to recall the famous novel "Master and Margarita", which Bulgakov describes vividly the time the peculiar contempt for the faith.That is why modern society has forgotten, which requires that the godparents and carries himself baptized.In the world of bureaucracy even give evidence that the sacrament took place.But if you - the future godmother, examine carefully their responsibilities.Trifle in this matter is not!

Godmother: duties and responsibilities

Some girls are very serious about such proposals.That's right.You will not only pamper baby gifts, but to be responsible for his moral education.Between the Cross and the godson would have formed a special spiritual connection.You can say that you will mentor a person for a lifetime.

begin with training.If the planned baptism of the child, the rules for the godfather and godmother is very simple.Please go to church and learn when to hold a special preliminary discussions.They will tell you about the ceremony and your future responsibilities.Before the mystery of communion is necessary, the date must be chosen so that it does not coincide with the days of menstruation in the cross, because it does not allow for the font.

In the church you explain in detail when the overall conduct baptisms and individual, and will be presented by their cost.Do not forget to buy a cross and a special baby's undershirt (christening robe).No specific rules on who should pay for the costs associated with the mystery, but it is believed that this preragativa godparents.

If you were previously required both parents now often invited to only one.Accordingly, for the girl - a woman, but for a boy - a man.But church leaders are advised to follow the old canons.After all, the godfather and godmother, whose duties - the spiritual education of the child, and are the backbone of support for the child.

you afraid of such a wonderful "title" as the godmother?Duties and responsibilities scare you?Do not worry, but should think.First of all on who you asked.If it is close to the person with whom you bind more than just friendship, but the birth of a baby in someone else's family caused your enthusiasm - agree.Knowledge of prayer and faith in God decide, not all.The main thing is that the baby was for you almost native.Love - the cornerstone, because of it between you and establish a special link, which will protect your godson.

If the request comes from the person for you far away, not in a hurry to agree.Perhaps the child will love you, and you have it, but this can not be sure.Not too well, when the godmother, the duties of which are very important, is away from his godson (meaning not only and not so much the distance as the relationship, a desire to help and participate in the life).Treat the rite of baptism very seriously.If you have a cool relationship with the parents the child, but the proposal received some reason, it is best to politely refuse.