Are not sectarian, ritual whips svalny sin?

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Whips - the most mysterious sect of them all, had some popularity in Russia.In the public mind with her, along with other vices apostates, traditionally associated svalny sin.This notion of whips could be false.

sect arose in the XVII century, the founder of this rather strange religious direction was a certain Danila Filippovich, who announced that he - the earthly incarnation of God.

There are two main sects titles - "Christ" and "whips", they are in tune with each of them in its own way expresses the essence of the teachings of Daniel: as soon as he could like that call himself Savoafom, others can compete with Jesus.One of the elements of worship is self-flagellation for the purpose of mortification.

Despite the fact that almost from the base Khlysty the people are persistent rumors about some erotic underpinnings night ceremony rites, svalny sin is not their compulsory aspect.The fact is that every community of this sect is an independent community called a ship, and one center at this confession not.Despite the fairly close attention from the authorities and law enforcement agencies as the Tsarist Russian Empire and the Soviet Union, no direct evidence of such a cheerful promiscuity has not been produced.

that the leadership of the sect may appoint someone from their followers' wife in Christ "is probably true, but still a big question, will please any couple novonazvannyh they gained matrimonial status.

life in most sects are regulated sufficiently authoritarian order, are no exception and whips.Svalny sin, also called sodomy, somehow did not fit into the overall concept of the suppression of carnal desires, unlike the castration, resorted to the most ardent supporters of the Faith, to stand out in a separate area.Most of the first eunuchs - a former whip.

Like any other false and heretical creed Khlystyism were persecuted by the Orthodox Church and the Russian state.In some cases, the punishment was very harsh - by reference to the death penalty.Svalny sin also blamed, though without adequate evidence that would be required in the modern politically correct times.Today, however, for him and the judge would not - there is no crime.

Another distinctive side Khlysty is a rejection of alcoholic beverages, tobacco, eating meat.Also vegetarianism, confession and abandonment of other gastronomic excesses.Austerity food complemented by persistent rejection of any literature, is a specimen of this very "embodied Savoaf" Danila, drown all available books in the Volga, who claimed that they are not needed at all.It is unlikely that whips, at least most of them, have exchanged all the benefits of civilization svalny sin.

Whatever it was, but several community related to this heretical doctrine, still exists today.They acquire in the Caucasus, as well as in some areas of the country: Orenburg, Samara and Tambov.Police claim to them seems to be no, and practiced in the "ship" debauchery and sin svalny unknown.