Lay ear, causes and treatment

person experiences discomfort when he laid his ear.The causes of this symptom may be different.For information on how to eliminate the symptom, we discuss in this article.

lay ear causes physiological

Many feel this unpleasant symptom of the rise to a certain height.For example, if they go up into the mountains, go to the high-speed elevator or flying in an airplane.With a sharp descent, includingin the subway, or when driving on rough roads, the person may also feel that he lays his ears.The reason - the pressure - more precisely, a sharp drop of this indicator.This often occurs at high altitude or depth.Ear simply can not quickly adapt to changes, causing the eardrum is pressed into the eustachian tube.Therefore, a person feels that he laid his ear.The reasons mentioned above, cause a "normal" feeling, which should not bother you too much.But if you notice similar symptoms often or if it is accompanied by pain, be sure to consult a doctor and surveyed.

If the pressure drops, you do not feel any discomfort, it can also be the norm.Pressure changes only one atmosphere.

lay ear disease causes

This symptom may indicate the presence of disease, includingevstahiita (inflammation of the Eustachian tube).If you feel a cold stuffy ear, make sure that did not develop inflammation.If your child is constantly pawns ears, the reason may lie, oddly enough, in diseases of the nose (sinusitis, curvature of the nasal septum, polyps or overgrown adenoids).

Sometimes symptoms can talk about hearing loss - hearing loss caused by damage to the auditory nerve.In some cases, the consequence of otitis congestion experienced in childhood.

But ears may lay in the presence of hypertension, ischemic brain disease, traumatic brain injuries, or heart problems.Complete a comprehensive survey to identify the cause of your condition.

common cause of congestion - a disease of the CNS in which appointed the necessary drugs and vitamins c.B. In order to identify hearing impairment is assigned to a special audio program that analyzes specialist.

What to quickly resolve congestion?

There are times when such symptoms need to be addressed quickly.For example, during takeoff or descent into the subway.One recommendation - drip vasoconstrictor nose drops.But it can be done very rarely.To remove the congestion, you can also open up your mouth.If you do not help - close the mouth and nose and hold your breath.Another option - to quickly swallow or drink water in small sips.If such a trouble occurred when diving, hold your nose and try to "breathe" through it.This will reduce the pain and pressure stabilizes.You should not trifle with similar symptom.Perhaps, he says, of a serious illness.As is well known, the earlier start to treat illness, the better and easier will undergo the procedure.Do not run your disease!