How to know when to begin monthly at the girl?

menstrual bleeding are some kind of indication that the female body all right, and she is absolutely healthy.Many women ask: "How do you know when to begin monthly?" It is better to be prepared for their attack, otherwise they may catch you by surprise.The majority of the fair sex the first signs of menstruation can be expressed in so-called premenstrual syndrome.

What are the first signs of impending menstruation?

At that time, women complain of tearfulness, irritability and excessive emotionality.That is why knowledge of the date of the start of menstrual bleeding can help in a variety of situations.For example, a planned inspection at the gynecologist you will not have long to think about the usual questions about the duration of the month and date of last menstrual period.If you are planning to soon start a kid, that knowledge will not be superfluous, since they can be used to calculate the days favorable for conception, as well as the day of ovulation.You can use them, and to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancy.

How to know when to begin monthly at the girl?

normal menstrual bleeding usually appear between the ages of 11 to 14 years.However, if there is no menstruation in girls this age - that is no reason for concern.Their regular cycle is established in the first few years.After this cycle becomes constant.The menstrual cycle is the number of days from the start of the first day of the last menstrual period before the new bleeding in the next month.Knowing this, you can easily calculate the time of the next menstrual period, and for the convenience to make menstrual calendar.For most women, the cycle lasts for an average of about 28 days, but in reality it can often vary up to 36 calendar days.In the middle of each cycle matures and the allocation of the egg - ovulation.This usually comes in the middle of the cycle (about the fourteenth to sixteenth day).Day of ovulation period is considered to be the most favorable for conceiving a baby.To avoid unwanted pregnancy, you should refrain from sexual intimacy for a few days before and after ovulation.

How to know when to begin monthly?

Quite simply - the day of the upcoming menstrual bleeding can be easily calculated.To do this, the first day of the last menstrual bleeding to add from 28 to 35 (depending on the length of your cycle).As a result, we obtain the approximate date of the next menstruation.This method is one of the most simple, and it is only suitable for the regular cycle.You can also determine when approaching month of their being.Usually, a few days before their occurrence begins to ache and pull the lower abdomen, the chest to swell and change the mood.It is on these grounds can define the upcoming menstruation.

Listen to the signals your body supplied

Now you know how to know when to begin monthly, and will be ready for their coming fully armed.In order not to be in a delicate position, always carry gasket, it will never be over!