How to behave during childbirth and fights?

Preparation for childbirth is very important for the future mom and for baby.It is not only a woman helping her crumbs to be born, but it moves through the birth canal, is involved in labor.Health and life of the child depends on how you behave during birth is the mother.Here the necessary information and psychological preparation.

This sophisticated and natural process

genera divided into three periods.First, the longest and complex, characterized by contractions.Its duration can be from a few hours to days.In the second period there is expulsion of the fetus.It is the most important.Third - postpartum period - characterized by the delivery of the placenta.

herald the onset of labor contractions, then the most important thing - to pay attention to them regularly.Uterine contractions begin with barely perceptible pulling back pain and abdomen.Then periods of regular uterine contractions increased to 1 minute, and the intervals between contractions are reduced from 10-15 minutes to 2-3.Nulliparous women experience this period to 16 hours or even more.In multiparous women hold the bout 6-8 hours.

Much depends on how you behave during labor will be a woman.To numb this process, you must know some tricks.The baby needs oxygen, so during the beginning of the fight you need to take a deep breath and then exhale, it will provide the necessary supply of oxygen in the blood.To understand how to behave during the birth, you listen to your body and be able to relax and rest in between contractions.

If you give birth with a partner, ask him to make you a massage waist, his alternate breathing.Proper and regular breathing during labor - the key to successful completion of the first stage of labor and eliminate the risk of hypoxia in the child.When you feel the urge to empty the bowel, it means that the start of the second stage of labor.You need to properly make an effort to avoid internal and external perineal.Attempts need to do as follows: when a scrum inhale more deeply and hold your breath, grasp your hands and feet, lifting his head, pull them over, pressing his chin to his chest.When push has no more strength, exhale air.Such action is necessary to make three times during the fight.Properly executed during manipulation attempts accelerate the process of expulsion of the fetus and reduce soreness.Third period - the shortest and painless.He worked for about 30 minutes.

Proper preparation

technique of how to behave during childbirth, taught in many public and private clinics.It is important to attend such classes, especially for women who are pregnant for the first time and weakly imagine childbirth.If this is not possible, then listen carefully to the obstetrician and follow all its recommendations, to give birth to a healthy baby while reducing pain and speed up the process.Helps to understand how to behave during delivery, and a variety of printed manuals for women in childbirth, with which you can learn many methods of pain relief, and to practice breathing.