How to arrange a room for each family member?

Buying an apartment or doing in my old apartment renovated, each of us thinks about the questions: "How to arrange a room for guests?What should be the bedroom?How to arrange the living room so that it was cozy and comfortable, not only your family, but also the guests?How to make your home warm and comfortable for all your family after a busy day of working or training in a hurry to get back home? ยป

Someone will say," What are the problems?Hire a professional designer, so he knows exactly how to arrange the room. "And this statement is a grain of truth, but there are some nuances.Everyone knows that the designer services are not cheap, but if your financial situation allows you to do it, then why not?

Many believe, and we tend to agree with their opinion that it is not just a professional, even a very high level to understand and feel the atmosphere of your home.After all, the house - it is not just four walls with wooden boxes of furniture is more, this is one way of thinking at all, the same perception of certain situations, one for all the air that we breathe and from which it becomes easier when the soulrestless.

The situation is even more complicated when we think about how to arrange the room of the child.Or rather, no longer a child but not yet an adult.How do I make him feel it the master, he would like to invite friends into the room, do not hesitate while her modest and not very suitable to the age of the situation?In other words, how to arrange the room of a teenager that he was comfortable in it?

It would seem that quite recently you were arguing about what pokleit wallpaper in the nursery - with balls or Matryoshka.Today, wallpaper is already plastered with posters and photos of some unearthly creatures.Most recently, sitting at the bedside of her baby, you've read him bedtime stories, and now the matter to midnight, and you can not remove it from the computer.Yesterday your child sleep issues, and you eagerly waiting for your reply, but today he had every question has its own answer.

you can congratulate - your child has grown, however, has not yet become adults.During this period it is particularly difficult to find common ground in any matter, including how to arrange the room for him.You want to order and something similar to your perception of the concept of the dwelling, and he needs something "cool", that is unusual and unfamiliar, which corresponds to his own ideas of modern housing.How to reach a compromise?How to make the right decision?

At arrangement of the room teenager should take an active part in the discussion of even the smallest details.Only in this case he will get the room of your dreams.Predostvte him the opportunity to express themselves.Do not protest if he freshly painted ceiling or draw graffiti plastered with new wallpaper bright posters.In this situation, your goal - in the correct manner to convey to his beloved child the idea that the room should meet its main purpose - to be comfortable and functional.It should be all that is necessary for learning and recreation - a bed, desk and bookcases wardrobe.