Select employees ... nails?

believed that well-groomed hands, along with perfect hair and good shoes make a woman a woman, are a fixture, the hallmark of beauty and success.

Many even believe that it is better to come to office without makeup, manicure than without.

Assessing quality manicure subordinates or colleagues, and especially job applicants under your start, turn, in between times, attention to the shape of nails.

She can tell a lot about a person's character, his abilities, opportunities for talent ... and vice versa

spadeform nail suggests that the mind of their owner, the logic is clearly prevail over emotions.

Such a man - a born materialist, preferring practical knowledge about the life of any intuitive guesses.
personal experience, even negative - that is the main source of information.
to talk to him in the language of the senses - it is useless.
If you want it in something to convince, it is better to say "I know" and give a specific example.
Man with shovel shape nail rather be a good craftsman in the broadest sense of the word: creative impulses, intuitive actions, spontaneity and unexpected decisions - not for him.

But any work for which it is taken, or see it as the business of life to be perfected to the last detail to perfection.

angular or square shape nail - a sign of a man prone to philosophical thinking.
And not only in the arts, literature and other humanities.
For it may be just as precise scope of available numbers and calculations.
most important thing - a man sees around unmistakably slender logical connection, accurate and legitimate.
This form of nails can also talk about a man domineering, the ability to be a leader, to rise above the crowd, the first to take the right decision in an emergency.
However, his weak spot - his own inner world.

man with a square shape nail simply lost when it is necessary to keep track of their feelings, emotions, complexes, motives of actions.
He perfectly "sort through" internal "I" and the other person never makes a mistake.
But as soon as it comes of itself, infallible and cold logic fails.
In dealing with such a person is useless to appeal to his senses and intuition - it is for him something alien and incomprehensible.
also useless to talk about their feelings - it is you just do not understand.
only the language of facts, specific expertise and logical connections.

end should

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