Society as a crowd

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Do not talk about the credibility of someone when you are among the people.And all the people, good or bad.Most of them are standard and successfully passed the examination for the presence in the community of their own kind.In crowd.

in the same crowd, the belief that there is, after the loss of faith in the people in society.Which is a long time not this belief.Because only the crowd go after anyone who will throw them a delicious meal and feed a sweet promises.It was she who believes everything that happens in the world, and that she would never like what's happening at the moment, no matter how it was.She was never like that one lives better.But she never thinks about whether to make any of its total mass, at least something in order to live better.

That crowd collected on any rallies and empty it screams trying to win a place under the sun, which she never will.From her shout their slogans it is for those people whom she chose.For those who have a mask on any occasions.For those who are ruled by it.The rules are very clever.Because the ruling know what they want, as opposed to the crowd.Let the power of any one of the crowd, and he destroyed the country for several months.Let the power of the righteous, and his desire to do it all well - burial societies.

At all times, the power belonged and should belong to the egoists who will keep everything afloat only because of the desire to get rich.They never bury society, because it is they need to feed.Do not allow the tip of the power to take its place for those who climb back from the bottom.Only occasionally are given space, but only the desire to keep power - the sort of peculiar succession.

power is needed only for the sake of power.But not for the sake of some service to the people.People - it is a small child, for who need care.Or even not a child, but an animal.Behind it is necessary to look to not crapped wherever, to train teams to instill the necessary reflexes and turn them into birth to his children, he knew what to teach their children.Let the people, the crowd feels personalities individually, deep down everyone knows or guess what their role.And the resistance of the vast state machine is absolutely useless.It does not help any revolution, if a nuclear war on Earth.

All of these presidential elections in our country, in its essence was not something special and needed.They needed only crowd.She needed a lifeline even in the distance.His it got.In Russia, you can change something only a completely new power, but from the ground.No new reforms do not stop what is happening, just because it's too oiled machine, and if you start new, something will have to break.

But this is not important.Rallies and criticized the government, only those whom God has not given the brain itself as something to implement.They want an easy climb to the top, not even trying to do so.Complaints that everything becomes more expensive, inherently meaningless.The meaning of human existence, it encompasses adaptation under any conditions.Even the animals in a flock, live in different ways - some better and some worse.It all depends on the animal's natural abilities.And our people are to blame for the fact that his entire adult life, kills himself with the help of the state, which gives him alcohol, cigarettes and drugs.But it does not say that the state is trying to destroy the nation.Himself kill only those who do not have an opinion.Everyone chooses his own way.So that is still enough freedom.

person necessarily possess great physical strength to win a place in society.He can go forward only with the mind, even if all life was paralyzed.And in this case, no one can take away from you, your earnings.Because the government does not care about how much you have, because you have in any case, they'll give thought to the form of taxes and all deductions.The only problem of who will come out above will be the very society in which it once was.The crowd of his familiar zaplyuet.

She does not like when some part of it starts to behave arbitrarily, turning into a kind of cancer cell.But she's always going to need for the creation of new cancer cells.It is these cells and make her fight for life, his constant appearance.A crowd of media and government are inseparable in any way.It gives rise to a crowd of their new owners.And that it promotes them into the power of words: "A candidate who comes from the people," so and so, so and so. '"And this candidate, habitual gesture, adjusting the mask on yourself, you need to crowd the election is held.

This is a problem of society, from which he will never get rid of.It will always pave the way for those who hate.