Color as the verdict

Legislation taxi in recent years has changed, the government decided that this type of public transport is in the "free floating" and it should be stopped.But the first results of the new "Law on taxi" in summer 2012 has shown that not all so simple.And while lawmakers waited after the entry into force of FZ№69 all taxi drivers will get the license, the opposite occurred.And now, the results of all the legislative decisions were announced at the International Eurasian forum "Taxi" 2013. The event was held in St. Petersburg, 8 and 9 August.And while lawmakers understand where an error in the exhibition (held in the framework of the forum) different companies talked about their know-how in terms of technology.And it turned out that the technical side of the taxi business feels at times better legislation.And some companies even quickly offered some solutions to the difficulties caused by the "law of the taxi."

So, the forum made by the representative of the company ZM Russia - Galina Wilhelm.The company offers a simple and easy way to solve the problem of color uniformity.Instead of repainting every car, according to the presentation, it can be pasted film.

And in fact, it really looks good.ZM is a transnational company, with offices in seventy countries around the world, and in forty has its production.For quality meet numerous certificates.ZM Russian representative told why you need to choose the film, why it saves time.But the main thing - the film can always scrape together with the adhesive layer, and come back to the factory color.Given the immediate requirements of the legislator to repaint all the official taxi in yellow - the film really seems like a good way out.

service life of such a film does not have a small - about five to seven years.The truth is not known how it would look like if the body to deform, and avoid any scratches and other minor troubles can be difficult.

It is worth noting that the price of the film will be lower.At least, because the printing does not need bulky, specialized equipment paint shop.Perhaps the advantages of this solution on the face.

We asked the opinion of this development by representatives of other companies participating in the forum - MADIV.MADIV films no glues, and develops and implements innovative software solutions for the control and automation of taxi dispatchers.But also, the company MADIV a partner of the International Eurasian Forum, which represented a universal set of "Interactive Taxi."

company representative spoke so well about the film:

- First of all, this is a godsend for drivers who get a job in a taxi cab company with his car.Imagine now the law requires them to instant personal car repainted in yellow.And suddenly, the work went wrong and will have to leave the taxi station - ride now on the yellow car?And then such a useful film.Tape off, traveled, went to work, the film is removed and then you have the car quiet colors.For a large fleet is, I think, still in the first place will be repainting.As far as quality and other things - it exists today online.Before you buy (especially wholesale) should see customer reviews company ZM and after making any conclusions.

Indeed, the approach to changing the color of innovation, but an individual.Although the modern realities of the Russian sphere of taxi, it is worth paying close attention to all the owners and dispatching taxis.Especially because at the mention of the color film in my head there is the image of the old American remake of French film "Taxi".There's a slight movement of the hands (peeling film) bright red BMW was converted to dark blue.