How to make a mini-greenhouse for seedlings.

Experts say that domestic Greenhouses can significantly increase the yield obtained from the suburban area, almost three times.This will require not so much: the desire and the materials at hand, that there are in the household for each person.

At the moment, there are many simple designs.Depending on the number of plants grown mini-greenhouse for seedlings can be arranged on the balcony, in the garden or around the house.Some designs can be placed on a window sill.

requirements greenhouses

Mini greenhouse for seedlings should create the best conditions for plant growth, while providing a comfortable climate, humidity, lighting, temperature, and power.The design must integrate harmoniously with the surrounding landscape or interior.This binding is easy access to the plants for their watering and weeding.

Mini greenhouse must be strong enough to withstand more than one cycle of planting and growing seedlings.Of course, this does not indicate that it is necessary to erect permanent structure of polycarbonate, glass or bricks.Such designs require great physical and material costs.In some areas it will be enough to build a greenhouse legkovozvodimyh.

How to make a mini-greenhouse for seedlings

For the construction design of the pipes will need to purchase only the film.As for other materials, they can be easily found on his farm.For example, the frame tube can be used with the last time, of course, if any.In the extreme case, you can ask neighbors or replace their regular arcs of wire.If that is not an option, you can make them yourself.

It may be conventional plastic tube that remained after repair, ordinary steel wire or reinforcement.In this case, you can use the wooden beams.Of course, the use of this material was a rectangular frame.

Installing greenhouse

to mini-greenhouses for seedlings did not have a little worth in advance to determine their size.Only then can we build a low frame of the boards, which will correspond to the height of the beds.Next on the perimeter should be to place the arc.They are best placed at a small distance from each other.

After this frame can obtyanut plastic wrap.Mini greenhouse for growing seedlings can be made more sustainable.To do this, connect the arc and the wooden frame by linking them.


to film a mini-greenhouse for seedlings served for a long time, it is necessary to use a medium-strength polyethylene, and with a good ability to pass the sunlight.Due to such quality material will create optimal conditions for plant growth.During the day, the seedlings will be getting enough sunlight, and at night - the heat.Moreover, the film does not allow air to pass.This will protect the plants from wind gusts even stronger.