Coping with stress

Stress is unfortunately an integral part of modern life.From him nowhere to go, so there is only one way out - to learn to cope with it and the effects of nervous strain Stress management is necessary, moreover, that the frequent overloading of the nervous system are fraught with insomnia, unhealthy complexion, irritability and other not very pleasant consequences.

But stress is not always harmful.Sometimes there are situations that require the mobilization of all forces.In such cases it is important to quickly find the correct solution.In addition, the stress a person trains his mental and moral qualities, to learn to be sustained, it becomes more resistant to all the blows of fate.

But what if you do not manage?After all, everyone there is a limit.In this case it is important the correct stress management.In this article we look at some of its variants:

1. What to do if you can not deal with stress in the workplace?A little distracted, focus attention on yourself, breathe stomach, slow breath.Your body will gradually adapt to the calm breathing and the heart stops beating rapidly and a little slow their work.At this point, you need at least a few minutes to escape from thinking about the situation.Thoughts become clearer with the beginning of the physical mind.

2. How to eliminate nervousness and tension that arose after any conflict?It seems to be a desperate situation - and to solve the problem on the ground is impossible.But is not the time to despair.If the issue does not require a momentary response, it is better to leave a few days to rest - to the cottage in the village in the resort or just a friend.In a quiet environment solution exists by itself.Do not forget that the state of stress - not an assistant to find the only correct way.

3. What to do if there are stressful situations every day, for example, at work - in relation to the chief or any employee?In this case, the struggle with the stress would be to adopt a set of specific measures.You can walk on the special training, and in the evening to take a bath or a walk in the fresh air.

4. A good way out of stress - a heart to heart talk with a close friend, to consult, just "complain to the vest," uttered.But do not abuse the attention of relatives too often.

5. Healthy people better tolerate stressful situations!Exercise, run in the mornings or evenings, skiing or snowboarding, go to the gym or climbing wall.Together with the load on the body disappear anger and other negative emotions.Do not forget about proper nutrition, sleep and daily routine.

6. In addition to sports, there are other ways of dealing with stress.It can help to remove some favorite activity.Painting, sculpture made of plastic, quilling, embroidery, knitting, sewing - many options.If crafts do not like, you can watch your favorite movie or scientific films.Learn something new is always interesting.

7. Eat right.Eat (especially in winter) more fruits and vegetables, meat and dairy products.

8. Listen to yourself!Keep a notebook in which to write down how you influenced by this or that situation, then you get out of it.Achieve peace of mind and help of mediation practices (eg, yoga).Remember that your body itself knows what he needs to struggle with stress has been successful.

9. Be sure to at least once a year to leave the city!Sea, hiking in the mountains, a trip to the North Pole, in another country or even in the village to the grandmother to help you get out of the quagmire of stress and make life brighter and more interesting.

Remember that there are no hopeless situations.Stress Management available to everyone.If you can somehow change the situation and circumstances, and change our attitude toward them.Treat everyone with humor - and then success and good humor will always be with you!