What is the criterion?

system performance evaluation can improve its effectiveness.This applies to both individual organizations and society as a whole.In many respects evaluation of the behavior depends on the person carrying it.It can be both efficient and inefficient, which is reflected in the success of the performance.For example, the trading activities can be considered a positive growth in sales and in management - coordinated and organized work of the whole team.

What is the criterion in evaluating ?

But in order to assess the quality of the activities of any employee, you must find out what criteria will be assessed.What is the criterion?In the language of the terms, it is the characteristic of an activity which, according to experts, is a "standard".For the purposes of both the individual and the whole organization of this standard must be achieved.

classification evaluation criteria

What criteria found now try to find out on what grounds they are grouped.Depending on the breadth of the activities emit highly specialized and corporate criteria.If the latter must comply with all employees or members of society without exception, the special importance only for a specific occupation or a specific workplace.

On the subject of evaluation criteria distinguish between quantitative and qualitative.What is the quantitative criterion?Meaning it very clear: on the results achieved can be judged on the timing and volume of assigned tasks.Qualitative criteria are somewhat more complicated.These include, above all, the quality of the work, which is often more important than quantity.Also qualitative indicators include individual characteristics of the worker determined by special tests, scales, questionnaires.Communication skills, creativity, emotional stability will be critical for the successful achievement of results.

Criteria Analysis: A View from the

often said that the most accurate information provide objective assessment criteria.They exist in almost all activities in the form of standards, regulations, average labor productivity.But sometimes achieve evaluated subjectively.What is the criterion of this kind?It is a measure of evaluation, based on authoritative opinion "from outside".For example, the correct employee behavior can be assessed using the subjective opinions of his colleagues or direct management.

Finally, the criteria are divided into simple and integrated.Using the same above-mentioned subjective indicators can provide information on the performance of any employee about his behavior in a team, the level of conflict or other characteristics.Such criteria are considered simple.If one indicator is incorporated on the various sides of activity, we can talk about an integrated assessment.In other words, the integral criterion - a set of simple.