How to sculpt plasticine dinosaur?

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How plasticine blind dinosaur?Who will investigate this matter.Molded from clay - one of the favorite activities of kids.Why not just create a little hands!It is flowers, animals, fairy tale characters and even cartoon characters.They take pride of place among the handicrafts of the child, who cherish their parents.But not all the little figurines sculptor can do yourself, such as dinosaur.So come to the aid of the child's parents.There are many variations of these figures.All of them are molded quite simple.The child can be encouraged to do good dinosaur with flowers, Stegosaurus, Brachiosaurus, or predatory dimetrodon.Originally will look a beast from the cones.

How plasticine blind dinosaur?

great gift for mom or grandma will figure cute dinosaur with a bouquet of flowers.It can be any color - yellow, blue, green or red.Choosing a plasticine block, it is necessary to divide it into three equal parts, of which will be made by the head, torso and legs with a tail.The first piece of the knife is to be divided as follows: first, too, into three equal parts, and then one of the resulting bits - into three parts.Of the two smallest pieces obtained forelegs and two more - the rear.The remaining two biggest pieces need to sculpt together, sausage roll and pull so that form a dinosaur head with the neck, trunk and tail.

Then you need to make the hind legs.To do this, take two pieces of smaller, to give them a cylindrical shape, the bottom a little pull, and on top - flatten.The front paws make it even easier - just roll the sausages in small pieces and slightly flatten them.Now you can collect dinosaur, in the course of work smoothing out all the roughness and irregularities on the surface of his body.It remains unused just a small piece of plasticine.It is necessary for the crest on the back and to the eye.

Otschipnuv from this part of two very tiny pieces of clay remaining forming a plurality of balls, which must be placed on the back and a little dinosaur flatten them.Comb ready.Using a knife or a stick of plasticine to make the holes for the nostrils, cut your fingers on the feet and mouth.From white clay made teeth, eyes and nails.And of the remaining two pieces - ever.Now you only blind bouquet and put it into the hands of dinosaurs.

Another option

How blind plasticine dinosaur with the body of the cone?Very simple.You will need fir or pine cone and plasticine.Dinosaur can be one color or, conversely, bright.Having defined the colors, you can start modeling the components of the body.It's simple.We need to roll a ball to the head, neck made from a cylindrical workpiece.For small sausage tail suit with one pointed end.I need four legs and ovals for many small balls on the crest of the neck and tail.It now remains only to collect all the parts together.Crafts ready.


It is the most popular among kids dinosaur.For his modeling clay will need a green, knife, toothpicks and a stack - a tool to work with clay.You must first prepare the parts of the body in the form of balls - body, head, tail and four legs.The head should be given an oval shape, the body do guttate.Then they connect and extend the neck slightly.Then attach to the body of a dinosaur tail and pull it gently, keeping the aspect ratio.The four remaining small ball roll into sausage.Hind legs attach to the body overlap to create the appearance of hips and front - under the body.All seats have to smooth out the bond.

Now you're ready for the appearance of dinosaur.On his back tweaks made growths, which then need to make a pointed shape.At the head needs to be done with a knife cut to his mouth and on the feet - toes.Nostrils are done with a toothpick, and the holes for the eyes - the stack.After that is inserted into the recesses of small balls and paint needle scales on the body of a dinosaur.In the fall, you can insert language cobbled together from red clay.The result was a very attractive dinosaur.If he is to attach the wings, he will turn into a dragon.


How plasticine blind dinosaur?Not particularly difficult.We invite you to make brahiozavtra.Technique of its implementation is a little different.This dinosaur with a long neck is often found in the pictures.His figure the kid could do on their own under the supervision of mom or dad.As usual, it is necessary to divide the block of clay into six pieces - large (trunk), a little less (the head with the neck), and four small (legs), and then roll them into balls.More balls for the body should be given the shape of the oval ball for a head to roll into a long sausage and insert a toothpick into it, otherwise the neck would not hold.Of the four remaining cylinders to make small balls, pointed at one end.They also insert a toothpick.At the head penetrate the mouth and attach a tongue made of red clay.Then attach the two white balls - eyes.On the legs to make the fingers.Now you can assemble figures and smooth out all of the joint parts.If this dinosaur stick wings on the back and make a comb, it will become like a dragon.

How plasticine dinosaur dimetrodon blind?His figure perfectly fit the baby collection.First you need to make the details of which will then be fashioned dinosaur.For heads need oval ball for the tail - elongated sausage, sharpened on one side, the cylinder for four small legs and a big comb-sail for the back.In addition to these parts, you will need another piece of red clay for the language, the white sausage for teeth and a pair of small balls for eyes.Shaped head and legs, they need to insert a toothpick, and then to thereby connect all parts to one another.The cut on his head to insert the teeth and tongue, and the top make the eyes and nostrils.On the back stick-ridge sail on their feet put small strips of plasticine - claws.When ready to connect all parts of the body and to make amends for the joints.

These are wonderful plasticine dinosaurs obtained.Crafts can be used as a toy.


Modeling - a very exciting experience for children.But it is necessary to choose only high-quality clay and accessories.

Now you know how to sculpt a dinosaur.This means that the case will be able to teach their loved ones.