How to create an account in the "Play Market": a few tips

Happy owners of a brand new phone or tablet with Android operating system will inevitably face the need places account.After all, without the use of the device is 100% impossible.Create an account in the "Play Store" is not difficult, even if you have no experience in this uncomplicated case.


them there are several, but the principle they have one.Create an account in the "Play Store" easy, should first create a mailbox to Google.It is called Gmail (dzhimeyl).It can be created on a personal computer, so you use your smartphone or tablet.Or directly from the mobile device.Another option - just use the "Google Play Store".Create an account it is quite simple, but the mailbox is also required on a mandatory basis.The third option - to use the device settings.Again, no mail going.


So, we need to create an account."Play Market" ("Android" lets you use it as an online store) will not work without an account.Therefore, you need to create it, creating a mailbox on Google.To do this, go to the appropriate application (Email / Gmail), which by default is on all devices described by the operating system.By selecting "Create New", you must enter your name, last name, middle name, if desired.The system will ask to come up with the name of your e-mail.At this stage it should stop separately.

name for the mailbox

believed that the easier it is, the easier it is to remember.In fact, it is.However, many of the standard name of the name and surname in Latin variations are often occupied by other users.Therefore it is better to come up with one that will be remembered and easily, and at the same time remain fairly original.For example, to use as the title of his childhood nickname or the name of your favorite animal / plant / insect.Even if the name of the selected address is busy, the system will suggest alternative names available.


When the name coined for the mail (it always ends with @, will need to be set, and a password.It can not be less than eight characters.Create an account in the "Play Store" without a password is impossible.It is desirable that it was a word or a combination of numbers, letters, which you can easily remember.For example, some special date or the name of the sweet heart.

Spare mail

Introducing coined password twice (once - the creation of a second - confirmation), the user is in the next paragraph.Here you want to enter a backup email box, so you can restore your account without any problem in case of loss.

Security question

It also helps to restore the lost password.Questions proposed system standard.The answer is given by the user.You can think of your original question, which relates to the password.

Further action

When all the items are filled, it can be assumed that the account has been successfully created.The system will suggest further action: the use of other services of Google.You can refuse, but should still try them.


not enough to create an account in "Play Market", it is also necessary to use to the fullest.When an account in Gmail, just open the app Play Market, by selecting from a list of standard.The system prompts you to enter a valid account (this is the e-mail, as described above), or create a new (created the same way).After authentication, you can use the online shop to complete, downloading free and paid games, books, music, and applications.

settings of the mobile device

In this case, you need to go to the appropriate section in the smartphone or tablet.In the "Accounts" you need to select the submenu "Create Account".In the "Play Store" is only used Google-system.Therefore, after the introduction of these e-mail Gmail, phone or tablet has access to the online store.Additionally, you can enter and other accounts.For example, a mail client, or some applications (eg, "Skype").


Create Account "Play Store" easy.By configuring a particular mailbox, the user gets access to all services on Google.Therefore, it is recommended to start with him, adjusting other applications already under its e-mail client.