How to introduce the iPhone in DFU-mode is how to get out of it

mode DFU (device software upgrade) is not the same as the recovery mode.Unlike the latter, it tests your current operating system, which is installed on the device, and allows you to update or rollback it.If you get error messages trying to restore the settings in the Itunes, it is likely he will help you.DFU (or Firmware Upgrade) allows all devices to be recovered from any state.

As mentioned above, DFU - this is not the recovery mode, which helps to connect to Itunes.In DFU lights iPhone screen looks different, and the display is blank.If you have something on the screen, you're in this mode.

following shows how to introduce the iPhone in DFU-mode.You can do this on each phone:

Method 1 Connect your phone to your PC and then turn it off.Press the Power button and Home, hold them together for 10 seconds.Then release the Power, but keep holding Home, until the computer begins to beep, similar to the sound recognition USB-device.If you get turned on iPhone mode DFU, the screen should display n


Having problems?Try to change the 10 seconds a little less time - 9 seconds, then 8, then 7. It is difficult, but you can enter your device in DFU.

Method 2 Connect your phone to the PC and configure synchronization.Then hold down the Home / Power, until the phone turns off for 10 seconds.If the phone is constantly activated during this phase, start all over again and hold the button for less time.Now let go and continue to hold Home, while the computer does not recognize the phone.It is believed that this method is how to introduce the iPhone DFU-mode, can cause some errors.However, experts refute this view.

Method 3

Connect your phone to your PC and turn it off.Press and hold the power button.Continue to hold the Power.Once you see that the image on the screen changes, click Home.Then, while continuing to carry out instructions on how to introduce the iPhone in DFU-mode, hold the Home and Power at the same time for 10 seconds.

Release Power, but keep holding Home, until the computer begins to beep.You can see what you have entered into this mode when the screen contents change significantly.

Instructions on how to introduce the iPhone in DFU-mode, as can be seen above, has a number of ways, each of which is quite simple.However, it is important not only to correctly enter the device in this mode, and to deduce from it.

So, to exit the DFU, simply hold down both the Home button and the Power, is on the screen of the gadget will not show the logo of Apple.

is also worth remembering that Apple TV (2G) connection of this regime is somewhat different.To do this, you need to connect the device to the computer using the MicroUSB.

Then you need to get the device to reboot, hold down the "Menu" and "Down" at the same time, for six to seven seconds.Press the Menu button and Play at the same time immediately after the restart until Itunes appears that the device has found Apple TV in recovery mode.Exit from this mode can be almost the same as in other devices.