How to delete contacts from iPhone - a question the answer to which many are looking for

Surprisingly, each new stage of development of technology can not only facilitate, but also greatly complicate the life of an ordinary person.It would seem that technology must evolve from complex to simple, with each new generation, more and more perfect in the sense that to allow use extends the capabilities with less difficulty.And success must be accompanied by the production companies that have achieved the greatest success in this field.However, in our time, there is an exception of this seemingly immutable rule.Phones Apple iPhone is just like that.

Mass hysteria that occurred in the community some time ago, should seemingly indicate that these gadgets are the acme of perfection.But at the same time even basic operations on them have certain nuances, complicating the life of the owner of the fashion system.Problems arise even with the question of how to remove the contacts with the iPhone.However, accompanying this process the subtleties are not a big problem.

In fact, any non-trivial manual

is needed only if you want to delete all contacts iPhone.The need for this arises, if you purchased your phone, the former is already in use.Then, of course, old contacts to the new owner completely useless.To understand the issue, let us consider the situation on a specific example, and learn how to delete all contacts with the iPhone 3G.First of all, we need iTunes.After its launch himself connect the mobile device and follow the section "Devices", where you select the connected device.Among many other tabbed interface we need a tab 'Information'.Choose it.Near the words "Sync contacts" should be checked, and then select the "contact book", or - Outlook.Then we moved to another section - namely, the "Supplement".It is necessary to put a tick next to the word "Contacts".Then left click the "Apply" button, followed by a dialog box in which you have the option to "Replace information" what to do and need.All!Now there is a synchronization, which removes a number from the phone book of the user.

However, this is not the only way how to remove the contacts with the iPhone.To do this, it is possible to apply and remove a single, that is one number from the contact list of the phone.To do this you need to run applications gadget called "Contacts" or "Phone", then it is necessary to choose the contact you want to delete.Then, in the upper right corner, to the right, you have to click "Change".In this menu, you need to scroll to the end, where it will be treasured "Delete".

Indeed instructions on how to remove the contacts with the iPhone, is impressive when compared with the much more simple and reliable brands of phones.But, on the other hand, a way to delete all contacts suitable for models 3G, 3Gs, 4, 4S, and 5, that is, it is almost universal thing only - to get used to.The use of smart phones, which are significantly different in their technological solutions from our usual models, subject to certain constraints (even banal: how to remove the contacts with iPhone), but each must decide which gadget will suit him.