How to sculpting facial makeup

considered ideal oval face and regular features.But to meet a man with perfect proportions is very difficult.There is always some flaw.That hooked nose, the cheeks too round, then pronounced cheekbones.Those who wish to give to the person the right shape, seeking to correct it.Sculpting the face - it is an opportunity to create the perfect line through makeup.Each manufacturer of cosmetics in its range has everything you need for those who are kind to her appearance.If you decide to change the shape of the face, then you will need the following tools:

  1. tonal bases: one on the lighter shade of your natural skin tone, a tone darker than the other (this can be a creamy highlighter form).
  2. Matting powder with the same combination of colors.
  3. Clarifying and bronzer powder (they can be a highlighter shade or a powder).
  4. brushes.

Work on the perfect forms is carried out after the mandatory facial skin care and masking of various defects.Use the correctors or concealer to even out the tone and make the ski

n flawless.

Correction face

Makeup allows to focus on certain parts of the face - for example, highlight your eyes or lips.The basic principle of makeup is that it can be used to hide flaws and highlight the advantages.Sculpting the face is an intermediate stage in the preparation of make-up between the skin and applying makeup.The first step after you have prepared the skin, is the application of tonal resources.On the front part of the face is applied to a tone lighter shade of natural color, and the side part - a tone darker.Shade shades must be on the massage lines, the best special brush.In the face sculpting and modeling part.Powder Brush type lighter shade and apply the tool to the front of the face, starting from the middle and extending to each side.On the side, apply a darker tone.Clarifying powder make-up bar on the bridge, and then left and right.Lightens and bridge of the nose, brow, the area under the eyebrow and under the eyes.If you want to make a simulation of the nose, then remember that light shades make a selection, and with the dark, you can hide the flaws.Thus, the nose is made thin and short, or vice versa.You can lighten the nasolabial fold and put a bright flare in the middle of the lower lip.The upper part of the cheekbones and chin stands lighter shade of powder, depending on the shape of the face.

next step - dimming lines that you want to hide.You should begin with the area of ​​the upper eyelid, from the folds before his podbrovnogo part.Then you need to go brush with a dark shade or highlighter powder around the contour of the face, as well as through the lower jaw to the chin.The area under the cheekbones and the sides of the neck and the lower part of the chin obscured given the structural features of the face.Sculpting the face is complete, you can proceed to the application of shadows and blush.