Regional network - what is it?

regional network - the concept is extremely broad.In fact, many of them, they are diverse.

regional network is a specialized education infrastructure in the territory of a given region, combining functional in the context of the state, industry, finance, trade, non-profit.This refers to the limited industry and interacting regional offices, companies, stores, branches.

As a social phenomenon, the regional network has appeared due to increasing public demand dynamism, efficiency, flexibility, manageability of the above institutions, enterprises and organizations.

This term is also used in a technical sense, as we mention in this article.

Economies of scale

What was the theoretical basis for the expansion of networks in modern society?Regional networks - a set of regional divisions, the possibility of realizing economies of scale.

It is universal, although opened in the economic sphere.Its meaning - to reduce average costs by increasing the scale of production.The possibility of simultaneous and coordinated work with the extended range of consumers is the strength of the regional networks.At the same time on a certain segment of an increase in the efficiency of the system.Curve-scale production with a consistent increase in its volume has a distinct portion of the income increase, and its maximum stabilization.On the stage of stabilization say that the technology will become obsolete.Find new and everything starts from the beginning.

regional network in its progressive development (rising part of the curve) takes advantage of the expertise, logistics and management, expanding opportunities for capital investment and diversification of activities.

Managers, planning to its pre-curve are calculated several options for different levels of scale investments.Choose the best.

network of public institutions

regional network of public institutions is actually a set of networks, carrying out state and municipal administration.They work within the legal framework of the Federal Law 3184-F3 "On general principles ... of the state power of subjects of the Russian Federation."In her work clearly visible increase in the level of centralization and control, reduced costs, typical for economies of scale, as we mentioned above.

regional retailers

Every citizen of the Russian Federation, as a consumer, is facing numerous local sales structures.Retail Regional networks - a single management and related accounting, unified corporate standards and heterogeneous arrays logistics stores.They include elements of "shop at home" discount stores, supermarket, hypermarket.

indicative that the rate of development of the retail network in Russia and a half times higher than GDP growth.It accounts for the lion's share of consumer spending Russians who, in turn, account for 73% of their income.

Network Industries Education

important for the development of regions is their networking industry.It is based on:

  • business priorities for the region;
  • development on the basis of existing infrastructure in the region of production and technical structure of the new network of education;
  • entry into the network of service structures, permanent contractors enterprises.

Currently, the most promising organizational form of networks of industrial enterprises are holding and franchising.Network formation, suggesting a rigid chain of command in the equality of enterprises and management of the central, called holding.

If companies plan to jointly develop and minimize costs by centralizing management functions, advertising, technology adoption, they elected franchise.

regional network of financial institutions

«heart" of this structure is the site of a regional bank or other finorgana.It has both open (public) areas and closed (parolirovannye and "tied" to specific jobs of their intra-office staff numbers and IP-addresses).Closed sections provide in on-line mode operation certified targeted e-mail, centralized network of licensed programs of the state and the financial account, the necessary information support staff.

network of federal and regional

Meanwhile, even many economists do not realize that such a regional network, including its stage of development of federal networks.They motivate their views so that the latter is much higher than the first due to greater economies of scale.So should in future integrate regional industrial and commercial networks in the All?

Experts do not always come to the affirmative.Let us illustrate this by the example of the scope of trade.Virtually all federal trade networks evolved from the capital, taking advantage of the funding, business technology staff.

However, not all business approach "federal" trigger in the regions.They used to work in Moscow, where incomes - substantially higher.Hence the emphasis: on the brand, the quality of service in the chain of command at the highest effective demand.

When "non-brand" the demand of the population in non-central regions of the federation are often more favorable regional chain of stores which give effect to the local trading strategies.Although, truth be told, these kinds of networks, serving consumers, complement each other.

MAN (Metropolitan Area Network)

At the current level of scientific and technological revolution is absolutely relevant and in demand in all sectors of the economy and public administration, regional distributed network processing.Regional trading network into a common abbreviation called MAN.However, we note that this term does not denote a holistic organizational unification of institutions, enterprises and so on. N. It belongs to the sphere of technical and information support.

a figurative expression, a regional computer network is an essential component of the above network of public, industrial, financial, commercial structures.


Network Regional Organization of Management and Business, no doubt, has not yet exhausted its reserves.Further growth of the GDP, the development of the Federation, in turn, increase the level of investment.Moreover, the network organization of enterprises and institutions are the most favorable consumers such investments.Why is that?Because the existence of the network - is evidence of the business or prospects of production of successful investments.Significant role in the creation of regional networks played their computer component - corresponding computer networks like MAN.However, the leading role in their development all the same for the human factor.