Gravity engine: reality being born before our eyes

gravitational engine has long been regarded by scientists as a kind of a pipe dream, that looks nice in theory, but in practical terms impossible.However, in recent years, due to the development of certain areas of physical science, this kind of perpetuum mobile has gradually acquire quite real.

must start with the fact that the gravitational engine, albeit in a theoretical form, is a special device that will facilitate the movement of individual bodies and objects without dropping weight.In general terms, we are talking about how to use this kind of matter, has huge reserves of energy to perform a specific job.The latter must be carried out due to the fact that the body will move directly under the influence of the gravitational field.

a long time, the impossibility of creating a device such as the gravitational engine, linked to the fact that, according to Newton's laws, work that is done by this field in relation to the closed circuit is equal to zero, since space itself is characterized potentiality.Much has changed with the emergence and development of the provisions of the general theory of relativity, according to which this process is possible, but it must be done completely different way than we are used to in terms of the Earth.

In particular, one of the most promising option should be recognized, based on the magnetic-gravitational engine.Already known to science design Minato, Searle, Floyd, who, despite the fact that they have very significant technical deficiencies, are a very decisive step towards the practical use of the energy of gravity.These indisputable advantages include efficiency and duration of the activity.

another confirmation of the fact that the gravitational engine, despite its fantastic nature, is not some pipe dream, is the use of similar schemes in modern astronautics.Thus, to correct the orbit of satellites and even space stations have long and successfully used special gyroscopes that allow the movement of objects without dropping masses.

In fact, today the main barrier that stands in the way that the gravitational engine of fantasy has become a reality, is the lack of the necessary mechanisms in order to unite the efforts of the magnetic, chemical and thermal forces from the mechanical interaction.At the same time, the system must be closed, and the supply of fuel - enough for continuous operation.

If research on this device succeed, mankind will not only modern aircraft engines with fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly mode of operation, but also to overcome a number of limitations on the further improvement of various technical devices.