How to know what drivers need?

Now every family has a home computer - PC or laptop.Typically, in order to view your pages on the Internet, search for movies online or correspond in the famous "Classmates" no problem.Is that sometimes, besides only at the first stage of acquaintance with the world of computing.But no matter how high the reliability of the computer, no matter how eminent manufacturer nor his collected - sooner or later the inevitable need to reinstall the operating system.Of course, you can contact the appropriate service center, they are now virtually on every corner, but it is associated with a number of difficulties.For example, the need to remove the hard drive all confidential information, to find the time on the road, and in the case of a full-fledged personal computer also solve the problem of transportation.Therefore a more rational self-learn how to find the driver code devices and reinstall the operating system.Actually, more and more people are aware of this.This is evidenced by the abundance of questions o

n the forums.Among them is one of the most popular - is "how do you know what drivers are needed?".What did you mean?

Any computer - a collection of electronic components and manage programs.Without software (software) electronic assistant is a useless piece of metal and plastic.The management component of the program - it is the driver.But since there are many versions of the first, we have to read about how to find out which drivers are needed.You can not just download the first available.This can be compared to the wheels of a car - everything seems to be round and can roll, but on a small passenger car will not put a huge truck.So, how do you know what drivers are needed?

first need to determine which ones of the component elements is the computer.This can carefully inspect the boxes.To find out what motherboard is very simple.The box on the mainboard (main board) of a personal computer from the end there is always a sticker with the exact name.This can be «GA-H61M-S2P» (or any other abbreviation) - is such a strange set of characters.The next step is determined by the manufacturer, usually written in large letters.Known - ASUS, Gigabyte, Intel and others. Further, all very simple.Type in the search box to your browser 'website ASUS »,« site Intel »respectively, and follow to the page.Here difficulties with how to find out which driver you need does not arise.Find the right motherboard and download the proposed control program.After that it remains on the same principle to find and download the driver to other devices - a printer, modem, video card.That is to say: look for the name on the box - go to the site - choose a model - download the right.

In the case of the laptop is even easier: specifies the name (for example, ACER-7720ZG) - go to the website of the manufacturer - select model and download the software for your operating system.

more complex, but gives 100% result of the way - is to find the driver code for your device.In Device Manager, open the properties of the desired component and on the "Information" see "Hardware ID".Knowing this line can be on specialized sites to pinpoint the type of device and find the program for him.The alternative - to use a special application that scans your computer and automatically download the missing driver.Minus these decisions - your computer must be running an operating system.

also information about connected devices provide diagnostic program such as Sandra or Everest, changed its name to AIDA.Decided on the name and type can be fast enough to find and download the correct driver of the global network.