What if the desktop does not load?

Reliability of the Windows operating system from Microsoft users for years legends.Alas, not always flattering.That blue screen of death, I will not boot the desktop, then anything else.Proponents of Linux in these situations always remember Bill Gates, calling on all to move to Unix systems.In fact disrupt the program, even the most reliable, afford any schoolboy.No wonder there is a whole selection of Murphy's laws.Therefore it is necessary to make a reservation is absolutely secure operating systems do not, and the problem, when it is not loaded desktop, quite often.Moreover, not only in the older version of Windows XP.Sometimes that does not load the Windows 7 desktop, the developers have taken into account that many of the mistakes of an earlier system.

Fortunately, sometimes manage to recover.Please note - it is sometimes, as a panacea, as we know, does not exist.It all depends on the cause, because of which will not load the desktop.Here are the main ones:

  • file system damage due to improper shutdown, or problems with electrical power;
  • appearance on the hard disk bad sector (Beda);
  • action viruses (antivirus).

users, including computer and waiting for the completion of the loading of the operating system sees that does not load the desktop.There are only the background image and the mouse.

First of all, do not panic.It should try to boot into Safe Mode (press F5 when loading and select the desired item from the list), and then again in the normal mode.You can also try to recover the last known good configuration.If this does not help, read on.

for displaying the desktop icons and auxiliary elements responsible file explorer explorer.exe, runs as a process.If Windows 7 does not boot the desktop, then click on the background picture combination Ctrl + Shift + Esc.You should see the Task Manager window.In the "File" menu, select "New Task" and prescribes explorer.exe.You can also use the direct search (the file is located in the Windows).Usually the desktop appears and is fully functional.

access the drive, you should scan your computer anti-virus programs.There are many, for example by CureIt Dr.Web, or you can create a recovery disk from Kaspersky Labs.Then you need to edit the registry (section Winlogon, setting Shell).It tells the system registry to launch the process of the conductor.For detailed instructions on making changes to the registry can be easily found on the web.

Sometimes the root of the problem the opposite - anti-virus remove malware intercepts the process explorer, but not restored registry entries.Again, no changes can not do.

Sometimes, due to a virus, or "treatment" of the file is damaged and the conductor did not start.In this case, there are two solutions: a complete reinstall the system or, more preferably, up to the Windows folder explorer.exe file with a known working computer.It should be remembered that the versions of operating systems must be the same (including service packs).For this you will need a copy once boot from LiveCD.

addition to the software causes affect the loading of desktop and hardware may malfunction.Unreadable Bad hard disk sector, which came to a file explorer, just may well occur.In addition, no wonder the developers provided a button to safely shut down and restart.Abuse of a warm restart (Reset button on the system unit) can also contribute to problems with the file system.Bottom line: check the hard drive for errors.This can be done using the same LiveCD.

last method to restore system performance - to begin re-install the operating system distribution, and select "Restore".