12-year-old dancer Maddie Ziegler.

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During his career still very small and young age of the girl became so popular that never dreamed of millions of her peers.It now can be called the American discovery of the past two years.What she deserved this honor?Maddie Ziegler, biography, and a number of interesting facts - at the center of this article.

beginning was the childhood

Madison Nicole was born in September 2002 in Pennsylvania.The family of Melissa and Kurt Ziegler dancing prominently.So much so that when her parents divorced, Melissa admits that they caused the separation.As she recalls, to tutors and dance clubs to spend more money.It is emotionally and financially reflected in the family.Kurt harder to put up with the fact that the wife lost out.

Melissa Gieson-Sulo lot of dancing, which later passed on to her daughter.Maddie Ziegler itself inherited roots of Poles, Italians and Germans.It flows the blood of several nationalities.This is to some extent affected the talent and charisma continuer of the family dynasty.At the age of 12 she had already fell into the category of professional artists of his direction.

first change

As it touched the family changes?This was often told in the interview itself Maddie Ziegler.Biography Maddie does not include at the moment some special details of her life.On the contrary, the life she tried to simplify to the maximum, while remaining an ordinary child.My mother remarried, and the family expects the addition of older brothers and sisters.A little later it will be difficult to get everyone together, so big, but definitely happy family move to less populated Murrysville.

The new marriage had two more children.Maddie Ziegler regularly attended high school, and since then, she started taking dance lessons, she had to go to home schooling.Admittedly, many hours of rehearsal are not adversely affected the studies - with all its employment Maddie does not forget about school.

Family Business

Before she became a star of world size, very few people knew how hobbies dancing honored in the family.You think after the second marriage had forgotten all about them?Certainly not!On the contrary, dance began to pay more attention.Now danced everything, including her younger half-sister Maddie Mackenzie.

Of the composition, perhaps, she stood out Melissa and her daughter Maddie Ziegler.Ziegler biography includes participation in the dance project Abby Lee Company.This studio, incidentally, is a frequent speaker at international competitions.It was followed by another popular show in the West Live to Dance, went out to CBS.Unfortunately, the ratings began to fall, and channel management has decided to close it before the episode was aired with Maddie.This, of course, upset everyone.But it is not possible to give up a favorite thing.In 2011, Melissa becomes a guest star on the reality show Dance Moms."Mom Dancing" tells about the daily lives of young dancers.And since Abby Lee Company has lit an unknown Maddie, then it became part of flickering on the screen.Later, she appeared in Abby's Ultimate Competition, a similar dance show.

Further progress

Since then, the career a little, but held the dancer has reached a new level.The channel Lifetime, which went dancing show, would not so easily let go of Maddie Ziegler.Biography Maddie remembers secondary, but no less important part in the TV series "Drop Dead Diva", where she played the heroine Brooke D'Orsay as a child.It was followed by "Austin & Ally" and "Pretty Little Liars."Around this time, Ziegler becomes a model for a number of brands including Clitzy Girls.It participates in shows of children's clothes, her name is on the first interview.The long wait did not have the recognition of the reader.Photo Maddie Ziegler graces the cover of the summer issue of the journal Kode Magazine, and a little later, it will call in the video Todryk Hall and Alex Kaliza.

worldwide success in 2014 was the real breakthrough for Maddie.Not only that, they, along with her mother and her sister opened a boutique children's clothes, Todryk Hall invited her to his concert tour.Rachael Sage wrote a song "Happiness", dedicating it to Ziegler.Finally, the singer Sia drew young talent due attention and offered to play in their videos.

"Elastic Heart", in which Maddie played with actor Shia La buff, was released in January 2015, becoming the most viewed videos on the Internet.What is the reason for its great popularity?Of course, it was Maddie, who sang the whole song intricate dance numbers.Similarly, it was with the other clips Seay - "Big Girls Cry" and "Chandelier".Together with the singer Ziegler often performed in various shows as a guest star, and of course in solo Seay.Everywhere she masterfully demonstrated outstanding ability dancer."Chandelier" received a nomination MTV Video Awards.

New Star Maddie Ziegler

biography (photo attached) of this young but incredibly talented dancer and actress is interesting not only admirers of her talent.A huge number of those who can not imagine life without dance, have become fans of Maddie, who showed to confirm a simple truth: in my years with the help of hard work you can achieve the highest peaks.