And what is your level of English?

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In the above article describes several levels of basic English.If you have some knowledge in this area, however, wonder how the good is actually your level of English proficiency, - the test set forth below, just for you.It would not be difficult!Determining the level of English language proficiency require only example sentences on their knowledge of the situation.

Level Elementary - initial

you can use in your own language and understand some phrases you need to perform any specific task.For example, you are able to introduce themselves, ask a simple question, or answer them (the place of residence, age, family).

Intermediate Pre

level of English proficiency is characterized by the fact that you can already understand some individual expressions and proposals, common and associated with the main areas of life: shopping, work, family, place of residence and so on.Are able to exchange simple information with an interlocutor within the household knew you.

Level Intermediate - half way passed!

It is essentially a middle stage in the development of language.Having reached this stage, you will be able to understand the main message of clear texts and messages formulated by the literary language.As well as support matters regularly encountered in the domestic sphere: in education, leisure, work, and similar situations.The level of English Intermediate necessarily assumes that you are already able to communicate in situations that may arise during their stay in the country whose language you are learning.At this point you already own can be quite connected to each other messages on particular topics of interest.Can you describe their own experiences, hopes, thoughts, aspirations, already passed before the event, competently and clearly set out and substantiate their own position on the plans for the next.

Upper - you are almost talking freely!

Now you can capture the common thought is enough complex texts with concrete and abstract themes.In some cases, highly specialized texts.It is enough to spontaneously and quickly know how to talk to on a regular basis and without inconvenience to communicate with native language is spoken.The level of English Upper Intermediate involves your ability to independently and freely create a detailed and clear message to any proposed topic and to express his personal opinion on certain issues, noting the advantages and disadvantages of different opinions.


Now you can easily understand fairly complex and voluminous texts on various topics.You can easily recognize the hidden meaning of words and phrases (ie, read between the lines).Talk easily and quickly, without picking up a few words and phrases.

level of English proficiency Fluent

It is practically perfect mastery once alien language.You will understand any written and oral reports.You will be able to be quite coherent text, while building directly on a number of oral or written sources.Will speak spontaneously and with a sufficiently high rate, while emphasizing all the emotional nuances in conversation.