Denis Grebenyuk: biography

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Denis Grebenyuk - young, energetic, beautiful.Here's how you can describe it in the first minutes of dating.He is talented, successful, and many modern media persons, well-versed in the modern space, clever and ...

How it all began.Denis Grebenyuk.Biography

about it a lot to say.At first glance, it seems that it lucky, spoiled child of fortune, everything in his life is obtained at the click of your fingers.In fact, far from it, and success is hard work, constant work and a strong desire to achieve something in life.

Grebenyuk - actor, director, but the wide audience he is better known as a presenter.The first steps in his career, he began to do more in the nineties on TV "Novosibirsk", as Dennis was born from the cold of Siberia.Even as a child it was clear that the man stands out from the crowd of their peers, because they do not spend time in vain, is interested in many things, trying to have a young age to earn their own money, to feel separate and independent.Seniority Denis begins with 13 years old when the first money he earns pizza delivery.

After school kid learns at the same time on two specialties, enrolling in the Siberian Academy of Public Service.He always wants more, he tries to catch anywhere, so honestly trying to learn the profession of interpreter and master the skills of a specialist public relations.It should be noted that Grebenuk chose full-time training.The young man wanted to grasp all.In the first year he organizes the Student Academy TV cameraman working.

first experience

Then begins the more serious work.Denis moonlights as an intern at a local television channel, removes the small stories about accidents in the city.In the morning - lecture.This cycle gives the young man a lot of fun because life is in full swing, and it - "in the jet."Later, some comments about his life, Dennis recognized that it was not easy, somewhere had to sacrifice their studies, but overall very well develop.

Behind Denis - a decent experience in the review of sports news "Favorite" socially oriented program "Easily!".In addition to work, the young people involved in the game of KVN, earns selling automotive satellite systems.After graduation he worked for several years on "Radio Siberia" DJ is a disco.And for the soul - plus everything - if time engaged in music.His heart is concerned percussion instruments, Denis loves drums.

How he manages to keep up everywhere, is anyone's guess.But perhaps the irrepressible energy, curiosity and thirst to do everything, to achieve much do their job.

job in a foreign company.Moving to Moscow

was further experience in foreign companies Kanakna Productions.Within a few years Denis Grebenyuk along with the crew of the channel traveled by car across countries, overcoming distances crazy, participating in the preparation of editions of the program "Beijing Express".It is a great experience, with nothing comparable.

Then followed the move to Moscow.Then Denis has shown an unusual approach.The distance from Novosibirsk to capital presenter overcame by car, in winter, in the midst of the December cold.

in Moscow artistic life also in full swing.Denis is live on the circumferential channel, interviewing high-ranking officials and influential people simply.At the same time participate in the entertainment programs on the channel "Muz-TV", among which the «PRO-News», «Cine * mania", "Muz-TV", "New Wave".The fast pace of life - this is his theme.Denis said that he always sought it, always trying to live like this.Later it was editorial work News Block International.Denis also participated in the preparation of editions of transmission "Stars dance floor" and "Stars of the strip."

«Marriage Fiction»

In October 2008, on the DTV channel starts the transfer of Denis Grebenyuk "Marriage Fiction" - an exciting reality show, which is the investigation of cases of adultery.Denis is a program in conjunction with our colleagues Grigory Kulagin.The essence of the project is to ensure that the editorial board is drawn one spouse who suspects their partner of infidelity.Detectives involved in the program, establish the presence or absence of adultery, using for this purpose various equipment: listening devices, cameras and so on. It should be noted that the TV product had great success with the audience and lasted exactly three years, until October 2011..Looking back on the work done, Dennis said that the project was very interesting and difficult at the same time.Genre controversial program, respectively, during the recording could happen and often there are various non-standard, sometimes funny situations that require some specific approach in the decision.Generally work in a comfortable environment - not for Dennis.The fate of the show decided the case: it was closed due to the re-branding of the channel.

little about personal

Denis himself, answering questions relating to the family and human relations, says that many had seen enough during his work in the program.But that does not turn him from the values ​​that he considers himself to be true.Anchorman states that every experience - a reality in which there is only bad or only good.Experience allows you to make some conclusions and to grow further.Grow spiritually.Dennis loves variety wise expression, often uses them in his speech, and generally tries to follow an immutable truths.Anchorman believes that the relationship only makes sense when there is trust.It is recognized that in the life of him as, probably, and with every man there are different situations, and it was a betrayal.But the man is trying to forget the bad and focus on some unpleasant moments.The main thing - to let go of the situation and move on, - says Denis Grebenyuk.And his wife should follow the same moral principles, according to the broadcaster.

Work on the channel TV3

Following the "Marriage Fiction" should be more interesting work on TV channel TV-3 project "Ghostbusters."Denis Grebenyuk participating in the program, the format of which involves contacting the editor help people to find the way out of difficult situations.Anchorman together with the crew travels to any point on the map where to detect the presence of paranormal phenomena to understand what's really going on.Grebenyuk said that very often on the set they face with something unexplainable that defies rational logic.However, everything is trying to treat adequately with cynicism, with the correct understanding of the real situation.

By his thirty-four years Denis Grebenyuk had to try a lot of things in my life, I saw a lot and achieved some peaks in his career.But there is even more plans and objectives, which are to be implemented.Like many highly motivated people, Denis is not enough time in the realization of all their ideas.Too much and he is trying to catch too much, he wants to tell the world.Perhaps in the future, after the presenter understand that behind there was the necessary experience, he will reveal the viewer a complete product film, and now ... Good luck to Denis!