Did you know that up to a year, extended privatization of apartments?

for a huge number of Russians problem timely privatization of housing resulted in a real headache because upholstering thresholds officials, they simply did not have time to do it in time.And it was set prior to the spring of 2013.

urgency of the problem, however, officials decided that the time to solve the above problem citizens have provided more than enough.However, the "glow" of passion no one, and he intervened "guarantor" of the Russian constitution.

It was he who insisted that civil servants as soon as possible decide the question, "To what, extended privatization of apartments will be in our country?ยป

However, the Russian parliament did not postpone it indefinitely, and almost immediately began topreparation of a regulatory act, which provides for extending the term of the above procedure.The citizens of our vast country could only guess as to what, extended privatization of apartments will be in the Russian Federation.

The privatization of housing at no cost will continue

Deputies immediately endorsed the bill in three readings, then sent it for consideration by the Council of the Federation.And the final point on the question of to what, extended privatization of apartments will be in our country, had to put the head of the Russian state, that he, in fact, did.

"Question care of so many, affecting the personal interests of our citizens. Despite the fact that the preparation time and paperwork was sufficient, that is no reason to deny compatriots to legitimize its own authority to possess, use and dispose of real estate property", - stressed the headour state."We hope that the presidential initiative will be supported in the lower and upper chamber of the main legislative body," - said earlier the assistant head of the Russian state.

So, to some, extended privatization of apartments?Term defined before March 1, 2015.

Home privatization

As you know, the process of privatization in our country started in the early 90-ies.Subsequently, it was repeatedly postponed as possible: at the beginning of 2007, then - at the beginning of 2010, and then - as of March 1 of last year.

Experts predict that after the last deadline Russians will register ownership of the housing in which they previously lived, pre-paying its fair market value.Those citizens who did not have such financial capabilities to take advantage of the procedure de-privatization of residential property, in other words, the apartment was put on the balance of city property, and those who live in it, acquire the status of social tenants.The law forbids them to carry out transactions with the above real estate object and pass it as an inherited property.

now free privatization of the apartment is extended until 1 March 2015.However, it prolonged for the same period of the previous steps of de-privatization of housing.

Earlier capital officials reported the intention to make the de-privatization of the Muscovites apartments indefinite.

What the law requires?

In accordance with the requirements of the law for registration of the property into private property need to obtain the consent of all members of the family who live there and those who are 14 years of age.

persons recognized by the law of limited competence (those who are in the age range from 14 to 18 years) can execute the privatization in the property only with the consent of their legal representatives.If one of the relatives, who live together in an apartment, opposed privatization, then it should officially abandon the implementation of this procedure.In this case, other family members can arrange accommodation in the common property.

must be emphasized that the question of to what extended privatization of apartments loses relevance to those who produce it without the permission of redevelopment agencies.Also, it should be issued in the private ownership housing, which is located in emergency building to be demolished.

Features procedures

free privatization process of obtaining a residential property to private ownership occurs in several stages.Initially, experts BTI should inspect privatized square meters.

Parallel to this, the person concerned must apply to the housing office to prepare a document, which contains all the information about registered in an apartment citizens.Normally, it takes about two weeks.

If the apartment resident minors, permission for privatization should also give the guardianship.

Among other things, you need to write an appeal to the housing department, the latter engaged to design the contract on the privatization of the apartment.At the same time for the compilation of the above document requires the presence of all the residents who wish to participate in the privatization process.Term of registration of the contract, as a rule, no more than two weeks of treatment.

At the final stage the person concerned is drawn to the registration authority, which subsequently will give him a certificate confirming proprietary rights on residential property.