Online Magazine

information portal online magazine in a global network - a sure way for young people to take their time, learn a lot of news, raise interesting topics, personally adding any notes.Our child through a similar magazine in the network has developed its own journalistic abilities.

Probably, all the adults are well remembered this stage, when their children by being passionate about something in their judgment is important too painstakingly doing it.For our son turned this hobby news magazine.I was happy because the lesson was not only harmless, but also very useful to him, as at that time it was clear.Opening with his classmate online resource, my child was confident of success, he believed that he knew what to wish his peers.But as it turned out, interesting news, it was not always convenient to find yourself in a network, because many of them had to personally translate foreign-language sites.Not that the magazine my son had problems with attendance, on the other hand, an increasing number of guests were forced to work even harder.

Forces and free minutes is not enough, and he had to enter university.And while our son was offered to make a free news section required.That is, every user can publish the article.This proved to be very successful solution.Almost anyone would want to add news on the site, so trying to prove his gift journalist.
What takes the younger generation?Needless to say, their pets - stars in show business.I realized this at a time when dared to read detailed online magazine child.I would not blame him for a certain vector of the news, as in his youth he was crazy about rock bands of the '70s.I had some favorites, they have different, and there is nothing wrong with that.News of show business stars have appeared masterfully composed, and I then I realized that journalism - a vocation of our adult children.
But I also liked that the details of life of stars of show business is not the only group of messages on the resource, there was a place for articles in the field of new technologies: mobile phones, laptops, iPods, tablets and other gadgets are interested in youth.
And all dads, moms can recommend to pay attention to their children on resources congruent species, because they do not contain data destructive, but on the contrary, allow to find out a lot of interesting new facts.