How to name the boy, who was born in January.

Craving for independence, strong character, isolation, expressed makings of a leader - all these characteristics relate to the men who were born in the first month of the year.They like to work courageously overcome any obstacles, balanced, but at the same time suffer from morbid pride.How to name the boy, who was born in January, that the name was consonant with his personality?Fortunately, the choice of options is huge.


How to name the boy in January, dreaming of a charming, intelligent, possessing creativity son?In childhood Eugene hardly be docile meek, but excessive mobility expected of him and not worth it.The name gives a child a penchant for good nature, which will be combined with a certain impulsiveness and passion for artistry.Zhenya is easy enough to deduce from itself, but it does not resort to force when disputes.

others will surprise his sudden decisive action which he often from himself does not expect.Eugene is full of ambitious impulses, able to appreciate the advantages of the material world, often tends to glory.It is not a workaholic obsessed with the work, but he does not ignore the possibility to get a raise.Sometimes, the man opens his own business, but is largely limited dreams about it.

Charming Eugene can marry several times, staying in different relationships with each former spouse.However, do not rule out the happy marriage at the first attempt.This superb boy's name, born in January, if the parents want to see his son in the future, representatives of creative professions.Name day - 6 and 21 January.


How to name a child in January, to become confident, assertive and strong?Alexander - a great option, because the name belonged to many famous generals and emperors.The character of the boy will be different to some arrogance and imperiousness, he held a desire to stand out from the crowd.Sasha is important to success in any field - study, sports, career.He wants to show leadership.

If Alexander can abandon the opinions of others and focus on your goals, it is expected by the dizzying success of almost any business, whether it is commerce, sports, politics.My friend lives of men with the same name will be provided to all except the faithful, as he is inclined to allow himself a passing fad.Name Day celebrated on January 17.


How to name the boy, who was born in January, to raise her son, full of innovative ideas, inclined to take decisive action and ready to take risks for the sake of his goal?Grigory difficult childhood, when he loses his temper easily, forgetting caution, rapidly responding to attempts to hurt his feelings.

More adulthood energy Grisha goes to a positive direction.It often happens that the boys of the same name, was not interested in studying in primary and secondary school, suddenly begin to catch up closer to the outlet and enter the prestigious university.It is important to be able to help Gregory decide his goal, he needs a specific task, with the decision which it copes admirably.Often these men are doing a brilliant career, but their fate can not be called simple, it is full of ups and downs.

How to name the boy in January, dreaming of a quiet and happy life for him?Just do not Gregory, because these men do not attach much importance to comfort, do not appreciate the regularity and convenience.Their brutality attracts women, but married life with them can not be called simple and pleasant.Name day of Gregory in January marked 1, 14, 18, 21, 23 numbers.


How to name a son in January, it rose to a practical, sober and not devoid of adventure?Victor - not a man who can be counted among the category of romantic idealists, it is dominated by pragmatism.Strong emotions and adventures beckon the man, but he was never given to gambling completely, unable to get out of the game completely.Someone who is ready to drop a large sum in a casino is not exactly named Victor.

People like great sense of humor, which has Victor, he is considered fun and interesting to talk to.In his youth, these men are quite impulsive, can tell a story too much, but with age, learn from their mistakes.They are available in many career fields, but it is not necessary to choose a profession related to the philosophical currents and abstract concepts.It is necessary to think about technical education and scientific work.Name Day - January 31st.


How to name the boy, who was born in January, if you want to choose a rare name?Daniel can be seen not so much as Sasha and Zhenya.These men are not peculiar temper and aggression, they do not lend themselves to negative emotions, but love to engage in soul-searching, which greatly hinders them during puberty.Conflicts are solved by persuasion, paralyzing the enemy's own good nature.

In most cases, Daniel happily married companions chooses not in appearance, but in the inner world.For it is very important to the welfare of the family, an increase in which he is ready to take care of, very hard.Men with this name is particularly successful in the fields of art and philosophy, they can not be called active figures.Name Day - January 2.


choosing the name of the boy, who was born in January, you can call the child Ivan.The name of the famous character of Russian fairy tales is associated with good humor and thoroughness inner strength.These men do not need a leadership role, but tend to be ambitious, dreaming of high social status and often achieve it.Vanya childhood differs autonomy, can adapt to the circumstances.

Ivan unfamiliar problems in relations with the opposite sex, if it were not complex, come from my childhood.It may seem windy, but in reality is not prone to adultery and frequent changes of chosen ones.Ivan appreciates wealth, ability to get along with the team often allows it to achieve greater career success in managerial positions.Name day - 2 and 11 January.

Vladimir Vladimir - wonderful name of the boy, who was born in January.With the ancient language it is translated as "owning the world", it has a pagan origin.Control emotions, calm, confidence - the typical quality of Volodya.People trust him, often ask for advice, think smart and charming person.Men with this name careful in choosing friends.

Energy and inner strength Vladimir allow him to reach the most challenging targets.Such a man will not waste time on tinsel, moving the right way.The efficiency and perseverance - traits, opening for him a variety of professions.Volodya often happily married, as his wife, he wants to see practical intelligent woman, a true friend.Name day - on 25 January.


How to name the boy, who was born in January to become businesslike and economic?Ilya.Above all, a man with the same name put the order, they do an excellent job with organizing activities.In the family circle, at work - they always show the thoroughness, balance, emotional directness.The latter quality makes it possible to emotional outbursts, but conflicts are harmless, leaving no memories.

Ilya rarely fails in professional activities.However, his habit to put yourself too high bar often results in dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs.Seven such men have a fairly late age, preferring first to create a stable financial base.Name day of Elijah in January marked 1, 21 and 27 numbers.

Maxim Maxim - the name of a boy, born in January, which is easiest to describe in words, "ambition" and "pride".These men often have high self-esteem, which in later years can be the root of their problems.They are hard to part with the youth, do not want to grow up, refusing carefree fun, constantly looking for ways to assert themselves, trying to penetrate into circles that are considered elite.Max attracts influential patrons, but it deprives him of independence.

If Maxim manages to overcome the negative traits of his own character, his vigor allows him to reach dizzying heights in a variety of career fields.At the opposite sex man with the same name are a success, but they often find themselves immersed in a complex relationship.A happy marriage is more likely in later life.Name day - 26, 29, 31 of January.


If a boy birthday party in January, you can call him Peter.Babies with this name is peculiar activity, restlessness, passion for research.They love to disassemble the items to the small details.Character Petit will be formed depending on the environment in which pass his childhood.The boy can grow inflexible and rigid, become soft and vulnerable.As a rule, it is no difficulty in school, it is easy to absorb new information and stretches to knowledge.

Peter has such advantages as excellent memory, analytical mind, it is easy to master the technical profession, he is successful in the fields of music, writing, and teaching.The first half of the life of such a man spends in the search for the perfect companion, the second - in a strong family, for the sake of the strength of which it agrees to bear absolutely any sacrifice.Children should acquire it after 30 if they appear before, Peter will be indifferent to them.Name day - 3, 10, 14, 15, 22, 25, 26, 29 January.

Not really suitable names

Orthodox boys' names in January should not be too rigid, as they have already sufficiently hard temper.Otherwise, the negative traits that are inherent in the January children come out, supplemented by the corresponding name.It is not recommended to choose for the son of such names as Dmitri, Anatoli, Igor.