Zodiac Lions

Zodiac Lions (23.07 - 23.08) is under the power of the sun.His task - to give life, light and warmth.It is a sign of proud feelings of generosity and the desire for self-realization.Leo is generous.He likes to be the center of attention.For it is very important personal independence and the house.He always feels the need to create something.For this he is able to mindlessly spending money and their knowledge.So open and active appears at around Leo.

man born under this sign are under constant attraction to the opposite sex.However, his loving him better contained.It is this feature of his character brings the greatest misfortune and disappointment.

Zodiac Lions engenders people are very gullible.They believe that all associates have the same idea of ​​honesty, as well as themselves.Leo does not like to repeat.If someone does not understand the first time, it shows stubbornness and disbelief.Those who do not share his opinion, need to be careful and considerate when dealing with him.

Lion is committed to ensuring that all surrounding think of him only good.For this he is ready to do anything.He knows perfectly well what he seems and he is constantly striving to improve it.That's what the sign of Leo.It is a symbol of dignity, nobility, strength.In every movement he felt something royal.

presence greatly increases the power of self-esteem Lion.If he feels responsible, it will go to great lengths to justify the confidence.Because Lions are obtained brilliant leaders.At work, he is able to show extraordinary intelligence and creativity.He is respected colleagues and subordinates.

Zodiac Lions generates power of women.They prefer to play the first role everywhere, including in marriage.When it comes to their children, they can quickly turn into a very real lionesses.They will not give offense to their babies.

lions very inventive mind.They show interest in different sciences and philosophy.They are confident and calm, brave and fearless.They never hit below the belt, even when they have a clear advantage over the enemy.If the Lions are on the site of the defeated, will never give up the fight.

Zodiac Lions has a number of negative characteristics.Some of the representatives of this sign, recognizing its originality, can be extraordinarily complacent.Their opinion of themselves sometimes become so good that they can not understand, why not share it around.They begin to feel that they are underestimated.

Lions want everyone to think of them good.However, not all of them actually can match this view.As a result, they play the role of good people, what really are not.All this is done in order to be praised and appreciated.In some cases, the Lions are so accustomed to his role that really changed for the better.Otherwise, they may be pretending to swim to the surface, and it will be very unpleasant for them.They should not succumb to flattery and alien influence.It will be much more useful to look inside yourself.There, they will always find a smart and a great personality.