Aries man and Taurus woman: the compatibility of zodiac signs

So Aries man and Taurus woman.Compatible personalities depending on their features.Before we see how these people will react in different spheres, let's give a brief description of each of the characters.On what features have these people will depend on the result of their joint activities.

main features of Aries and Taurus

Aries - an open, mobile, dreamer and the hero.He strives for honesty.For him, there is no half-tones.Everything he does - a feat!All his thoughts are directed to the glory, great achievements, ambitious achievements.Often brusque, even rude, but because of the innate goodness it all forgivable.

Taurus woman - gentle and sensitive, can be faithful and affectionate.But often it manifests stubbornness and despotism, if convinced that the man was capable of change.A good hostess, very realistic and natural.

Aries man and Taurus woman: compatibility in business

It will be great working team.He - the initiator and the main generator of ideas, which he has always a great variety.She - a great artist, a devoted and faithful friend, who is able to translate all his SUPERID into practice.This union is not the same as "man Taurus - Aries woman," where each ego encounters the inconsistency general ideas about who should initiate ideas.There followed the tradition.The initiative is supported by men and women.Aries man and Taurus woman compatibility in the field of business and friendly show as almost perfect.Especially if both make concessions, little afflict his stubbornness.

Man Aries, Taurus woman love

In love his passion goes well with its romanticism.It completely takes hold of her attention, she replied showing genuine concern.It creates the romantic designs that together they embody to the mutual satisfaction.Her self-confidence makes the relationship bezagressivnymi.Such a pair of leads a balanced life as long as his increased sociability begins to irritate her.

This happens very rarely, as in a pair of "Aries man and Taurus woman" Compatibility is determined by its behavior.Taurus woman is able to create his own world, where man-Aries play the most appropriate role - adored and beloved hero.He answered her hot showers, passionate compliments.

After a while it starts to annoy her practicality, because its unrealistic plans will always stumble on her understanding of the impossibility of their implementation.It will also annoy him eternal wool-gathering and the desire to remake the world.If they both can understand and forgive some shortcomings partner, love will be a long and delicate.


In friendship is harmonious couple - Aries man and Taurus woman.Compatibility of virtually unspoiled.They are both capable of a respectful and tolerant attitude to the interests of each other.Determine and clearly observe the boundaries that you should not pass.His eternal passion will charge it with new energy.It will also bring its capacity in time to help and to cool his ardor when fantasy "overflows".