Proper watering strawberries

Should I water the strawberries?Judge for yourself: its roots are in the top layer of soil to a depth slightly.This means that "get" the moisture from layers deeper strawberry can not.During flowering and ripening fruit in soils (light sandy) should adhere to the optimum moisture content of 70%, later (after the crop is harvested) soil moisture content is reduced by 20%.On heavy soils, a figure could grow to 80%.Of course, you need to consider the climate and its nuances: heavy rains, drought, wind, temperature changes, and so on. D. Proper watering strawberries and definition of watering norms are reflected in the quality and quantity of the crop.

On the day of planting for a better survival rate should be watered three times daily (at least 0.5 liters per plant) for 15 days.Then wetlands conducted less frequently (once every other day).

Watering strawberries required in the fruiting period, and when the weather is dry it should be daily.It is important not to overdo it - "flooded" Strawberry is acidic, maloaromatnoy may start rotting berries (even unripe) directly to the bush, and when there is insufficient sunlight watering berries and leaves get very real burns.In both cases, the yield drops significantly.

Watering strawberries can be done in various ways.

1. Lake manually.The method is suitable for small beds and in the case when a certain dosage.

2. Lake hose.The most common way is familiar to almost all gardeners.Device for irrigation (watering) is attached directly to the hose.This watering can hold in their hands, can be installed on a backup (usually iron pins).The disadvantage of this type of watering - in the uneven wetting the ground, not to mention the economy.In addition, strong pressure can cause blurring of the soil and stripping the root system, cold water triggers multiple diseases.

3. irrigation.Sprinkling strawberries produced by mobile units (must move), a piece of equipment can be installed underground.Suitable for large areas.The best procedure for placement of sprinklers - triangular-chess, with a distance of 12-14 m (when the wind is not more than 16 km / h and a pressure at the outlet - in sprayer - 9 kg / sq. Cm.).By sprinkling can not only increase the humidity, but also reduce the temperature.

4. watering system with sprinklers - and microdrop drip systems (internal and terminal).The first approach for the bag (container) of the method of cultivation, the second - for the common (ground) beds.Among these systems most in demand are those that allow you to adjust the water flow.The main advantage - in the immediate supply of life-giving water directly to the roots.

Drip irrigation - the most promising and convenient watering strawberries, maintaining soil where the roots of the plants moist.At the same aisle remain dry, so - and decreases the amount of weeds.Such watering strawberry eliminates evaporation losses.Among its advantages - the lack of soil crusts.