How to cook pasta with meat multivarka?

Pasta with meat prepared in multivarka surprisingly simple and easy.It should also be noted that the dish becomes so delicious and satisfying that it can be served for dinner without wheat bread or any other additional ingredients.

Pasta with meat Photo and recipe

Necessary ingredients:

  • flesh seedless and pork fat inclusions - 210 g;
  • oil odorless - 20-40 ml;
  • pasta - 240 g;
  • butter - 30 g;
  • medium onion - 2 pcs .;
  • tomato paste (you can take sharp) - 2 large spoons;
  • medium-sized carrot - 1 pc .;
  • greens - on request;
  • ground black pepper and sea salt - to taste;
  • cheese - 140 g (optional).

Heat treatment of the main component

Before you cook the pasta with meat multivarka, you must first of all wheat products boil in lightly salted water.This can be done on a gas stove, and in modern kitchen device.Thus, the capacity Multivarki should fill ¾ full with plain water and put in a double boiler mode.When the liquid boils, it is recommended to pour a little salt and the right amount of pasta.They must boil in the same mode, about 15-19 minutes.Then the pasta must be ready to cast away on a colander, rinse thoroughly and allow to drain all liquid.

Processing meat and vegetables

Pasta with meat obtained in multivarka delicious with any meat product.In this recipe, we decided to use only fresh pulp of pork without the fat and bones.It requires a well-washed and then cut into pieces of medium size.It should also be processed and vegetables.Carrots desirable shred into thin slices and onions - semirings.

Thermal processing of meat and vegetables

pork for this dish we have chosen for a reason.After all, such a product is thermally processed very quickly, in just 30-39 minutes.Chop the meat should be put in a cup of the device, and then flavor it with oil, salt and pepper.Roast pork desirable mode of baking of about 25 minutes.Thereafter, it is recommended to add the onions and carrots, which also should be prepared for a quarter of an hour.During this time, it will be completely soft and the meat and vegetables are well browned.

final stage in the preparation

to the finished fried pork and vegetables should pour chopped fresh herbs, butter, tomato paste and previously boiled wheat products.After that, the pasta with meat multivarka need be mixed thoroughly, cover with a lid and leave in the heating mode for 15-30 minutes.During this time the dish is well warmed up, it absorbs the flavors of parsley and dill, a well-flavored butter.

proper serving dishes to the table

Delicious pasta with meat made in multivarka should only bring to the table hot.If desired, it is delicious and very satisfying dish can sprinkle with grated hard cheese, which must melt under heat of the afternoon.Bon Appetit!